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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-24Merge of changes from the Rockchip Android 7.1 SDKpumaPhilipp Tomsich
2016-06-21Add color mode enumsCourtney Goeltzenleuchter
2016-06-03add android_flex_layout for describing all flexible formats.Lajos Molnar
2016-04-06graphics.h: Add android_hdr_tDan Stoza
2016-03-24graphics.h: Add android_color_transform_tDan Stoza
2016-02-24keep legacy HAL_DATASPACE enums unchangedLajos Molnar
2016-02-10Expand HAL_DATASPACE to include range, standard and transfer bitfieldsLajos Molnar
2016-02-03graphics: Include stddef.h for size_t.Mattias Nissler
2015-12-17Name the pixel format and transform enumsDan Stoza
2015-07-14graphics: update flexible YUV format gralloc requirementYin-Chia Yeh
2015-05-26Graphics depth formats: Add confidence valuesEino-Ville Talvala
2015-04-24media: reserve color formats used by flex-YUV422/444 and RGB/A888Lajos Molnar
2015-03-30graphics: add android raw12 formatYin-Chia Yeh
2015-03-04Add ANativeWindow dataSpace; update graphics formats, color spacesEino-Ville Talvala
2014-07-25graphics: update raw10 to allow padding between rowsZhijun He
2014-06-25graphics: add android raw10 formatZhijun He
2014-02-22am 4fc8231c: Merge "graphics: Add colorspace definitions" into klp-volantis-devAlex Ray
2014-02-18graphics: Add colorspace definitionsAlex Ray
2014-02-06camera3: Add opaque raw format.Ruben Brunk
2013-09-17Fix rotation in camera2 APIMathias Agopian
2013-08-16Replace sRGB_888 with sRGB_X_8888Jesse Hall
2013-07-26get rid of HAL pixelformats 5551 and 4444Mathias Agopian
2013-07-25add sRGB pixel formats to the HALsMathias Agopian
2013-04-09graphics: add Android flexible YCbCr formatAlex Ray
2013-02-11graphics.h: Remove unnecessary comments for Y8/Y16 formatsIgor Murashkin
2013-02-08graphics.h: add new Y8, Y16 formatsIgor Murashkin
2012-08-22Add an IMPL_DEFINED pixel format.Jamie Gennis
2012-06-13Add HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_BLOBEino-Ville Talvala
2012-04-30graphics.h: clarify docs about stride for YV12Jamie Gennis
2012-04-13Add new raw image sensor HAL pixel format.Eino-Ville Talvala
2011-08-11another attempt at fixing the SDK build.Mathias Agopian
2011-08-11really fix the SDK build and fix THE buildMathias Agopian
2011-08-11attempt to fix SDK build.Mathias Agopian
2011-08-09Add a priority constant in to the graphics HAL headerMathias Agopian
2011-05-18fix a comment typo in system/graphics.hJamie Gennis
2011-05-02move non-HAL definitions to syste/core/includeIliyan Malchev