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2016-04-07Move canned_fs_config into libcutilsMohamad Ayyash
2016-03-22liblog: add __android_log_pmsg_file_readMark Salyzyn
2016-03-22liblog: add __android_log_pmsg_file_writeMark Salyzyn
2016-01-25Restart cameraserverChien-Yu Chen
2016-01-25uid for codec processMarco Nelissen
2016-01-05debuggerd: fork and drop privileges when dumping.Josh Gao
2016-01-05android_filesystem_config.h: Add Brillo users.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-12-28Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelockPavlin Radoslavov
2015-12-18Add audioserver UID.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-12-18New uid for extractor processMarco Nelissen
2015-11-09Enable hidepid=2 on /procNick Kralevich
2015-10-02am b955f476: Merge "Add a "tlsdate" AID for unprivileged tlsdate execution."Gilad Arnold
2015-10-02Add a "tlsdate" AID for unprivileged tlsdate execution.Gilad Arnold
2015-09-03am 66d32c74: Merge "Use CAP_MASK_LONG for file capabilities."Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-09-02Use CAP_MASK_LONG for file capabilities.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-08-01am 45ca3d54: am a336cbcd: Merge "Reserve new UID range for OEM."Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-07-31Reserve new UID range for OEM.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-07-30am fb1ecbc5: am e6e71608: Merge "Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS."Elliott Hughes
2015-07-30Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-20am 3a8a3241: am 4812f8dd: Merge "Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon."Daniel Erat
2015-07-17Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon.Daniel Erat
2015-07-09fs_config: replace getenv('OUT') by new fs_config parameterThierry Strudel
2015-04-15libcutils: add fs_config_generateMark Salyzyn
2015-04-07logd: Don't embed a flexible array member within another structNick Kralevich
2015-04-06android_filesystem_config.h: use __BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLSMark Salyzyn
2015-04-06Allow inputflinger to have CAP_BLOCK_SUSPEND.Tim Kilbourn
2015-04-06android_filesystem_config: move fs_config to libcutilsMark Salyzyn
2015-03-19pixelflinger: make self-containedGreg Hackmann
2015-03-18Remove obsolete files from fs_config's list.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-16Revert "pixelflinger: make self-contained"Paul Eastham
2015-03-12pixelflinger: make self-containedGreg Hackmann
2015-03-04am 4487c605: Merge changes I0ec0fe3e,I9e5fccbaMark Salyzyn
2015-03-04private: Add event payload structures to android_logger.hMark Salyzyn
2015-01-23am 91581f19: Merge "liblog: add pstore write"Mark Salyzyn
2015-01-23am 4730328d: Merge "logd: create private/android_logger.h"Mark Salyzyn
2015-01-23liblog: add pstore writeMark Salyzyn
2015-01-23logd: create private/android_logger.hMark Salyzyn
2015-01-15am 70f6dea9: Merge "android_filesystem: Remove setuid bits from tcpdump" into...Dmitry Shmidt
2015-01-15android_filesystem: Remove setuid bits from tcpdumpDmitry Shmidt
2014-11-24Remove long-dead readtty.Elliott Hughes
2014-11-10Reserve some AIDs for OEMsJohan Redestig
2014-08-29am 24d2adba: am 188d4396: Merge "Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root."Brian Carlstrom
2014-08-28Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
2014-08-27Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
2014-08-05am e07a6e63: am 6d9a5ac3: Merge "[MIPSR6] Skip pixelflinger, memset assembler...Elliott Hughes
2014-07-31[MIPSR6] Skip pixelflinger, memset assembler code on mips32r6Duane Sand
2014-06-11am 0487e50a: am 24fc60c7: am 304d31f0: Merge "Make su 04750"Nick Kralevich
2014-06-08Make su 04750Nick Kralevich
2014-06-04am 63cdd840: am e948c9fa: am 489797c2: Merge "Add new AID shared by all apps ...Robin Lee
2014-06-04Merge "Add new AID shared by all apps in a profile"Robin Lee