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2016-01-25Restart cameraserverChien-Yu Chen
Bug: 24511454 Change-Id: Ia27f4ef0eb71f891c789f637a21b04afe0b1c4e9
2016-01-25uid for codec processMarco Nelissen
Change-Id: Iadf8012e6c177bcf487048e1b5a9b4fc51a0aeba
2016-01-05debuggerd: fork and drop privileges when dumping.Josh Gao
Bug: http://b/25195825 Change-Id: I913d8425232e79df3f7a051a8cc63de9c60f4780
2016-01-05android_filesystem_config.h: Add Brillo users.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
-metrics_collector and metricsd gather and upload device metrics. -webservd is part of the Weave (Brillo remote setup and management) stack. Bug: 26337609 Change-Id: Icf6ce75e64293adbe773f2ee65e80629f2eeb737
2015-12-28Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelockPavlin Radoslavov
* Added new kernel GID named "wakelock" (AID_WAKELOCK = 3010) * Changed the group access for /sys/power/wake_lock and /sys/power/wake_unlock from "system" to "wakelock" * Added "wakelock" to the list of groups for the healthd process/service Bug: 25864142 Change-Id: Ieabee9964cccec3107971a361a43aa9805164aa9
2015-12-18Add audioserver UID.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
(Originally in Change-Id: I31951cad1bbcec58b21559be0d86581ba9187a92
2015-12-18New uid for extractor processMarco Nelissen
Change-Id: I462d4736e772da0a08b4793fc1b971ff261667ea
2015-11-09Enable hidepid=2 on /procNick Kralevich
Add the following mount options to the /proc filesystem: hidepid=2,gid=3009 This change blocks /proc access unless you're in group 3009 (aka AID_READPROC). Please see for documentation on the hidepid option. hidepid=2 is preferred over hidepid=1 since it leaks less information and doesn't generate SELinux ptrace denials when trying to access /proc without being in the proper group. Add AID_READPROC to processes which need to access /proc entries for other UIDs. Bug: 23310674 Change-Id: I22bb55ff7b80ff722945e224845215196f09dafa
2015-10-02am b955f476: Merge "Add a "tlsdate" AID for unprivileged tlsdate execution."Gilad Arnold
* commit 'b955f476d3b11da9378d5eedfc569711f625e1ba': Add a "tlsdate" AID for unprivileged tlsdate execution.
2015-10-02Add a "tlsdate" AID for unprivileged tlsdate execution.Gilad Arnold
Bug: 23651876 Change-Id: I7ab1bccdcd2434c4af663a1afb9fe9ad124c4428
2015-09-03am 66d32c74: Merge "Use CAP_MASK_LONG for file capabilities."Jorge Lucangeli Obes
* commit '66d32c7488e12545218e83195738c95c183760ef': Use CAP_MASK_LONG for file capabilities.
2015-09-02Use CAP_MASK_LONG for file capabilities.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
Extract the |1ULL << $CAP_NAME| construct to a macro, to avoid repeating it. Change-Id: I9312c27130d7e6c5b6ab3b4cc5c70a6b98378b98
2015-08-01am 45ca3d54: am a336cbcd: Merge "Reserve new UID range for OEM."Jorge Lucangeli Obes
* commit '45ca3d54e0f6be4237efcef5ff121a263d81971d': Reserve new UID range for OEM.
2015-07-31Reserve new UID range for OEM.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
Brillo will need to run new native system services, so reserve a reasonable UID range to accomodate them. Having 1000 UIDs will allow us to sub-partition this range if needed. The range can be used by any OEM, not just Brillo, so name it accordingly. Bug: 22555869 Change-Id: I752428ee5025bf064a35ecbe6da50c041d87b724
2015-07-30am fb1ecbc5: am e6e71608: Merge "Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS."Elliott Hughes
* commit 'fb1ecbc55e7edeafb138eb2a60ca89ba9a7b1f0f': Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.
2015-07-30Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.Elliott Hughes
Change-Id: I9967f3fd758c2a5b40be5b60ae72be7e2fb75136
2015-07-20am 3a8a3241: am 4812f8dd: Merge "Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon."Daniel Erat
* commit '3a8a32413615643320bb140a24ab1d77d9aea804': Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon.
2015-07-17Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon.Daniel Erat
Bug: 22328216 Change-Id: I8478f57d892c6edeb6b101cfa8b38dc5c6262cb2
2015-07-09fs_config: replace getenv('OUT') by new fs_config parameterThierry Strudel
Using a getenv('OUT') in such a deep down function is a wrong design choice. Replacing with explicit parameter that may be NULL in case device specific files can be accessed from /. Since TARGET_COPY_OUT_SYSTEM may be defined to something different than system we also ensure that we use a path relative to TARGET_OUT to compute path to fs_config_* files. Bug: 21989305 Bug: 22048934 Change-Id: Id91bc183b29beac7379d1117ad83bd3346e6897b Signed-off-by: Thierry Strudel <>
2015-04-15libcutils: add fs_config_generateMark Salyzyn
Bug: 19908228 Change-Id: Icb0e189a86758bb779b9bdf7c0d92216d297869f
2015-04-06android_filesystem_config.h: use __BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLSMark Salyzyn
Change-Id: Idb050b9ef4e7947664295b173e1b09d65accd3e9
2015-04-06android_filesystem_config: move fs_config to libcutilsMark Salyzyn
Bug: 19908228 Change-Id: Id51c0c50eb2677824d052882f4263193a08e1402
2015-03-18Remove obsolete files from fs_config's list.Elliott Hughes
Change-Id: I83716f48754de889d811d74074f9a32dc666c05e
2015-01-15am 70f6dea9: Merge "android_filesystem: Remove setuid bits from tcpdump" ↵Dmitry Shmidt
into lmp-mr1-dev * commit '70f6dea9d06876bc65181c40ee9e623be196fb4c': android_filesystem: Remove setuid bits from tcpdump
2015-01-15android_filesystem: Remove setuid bits from tcpdumpDmitry Shmidt
Bug: 18669116 Change-Id: I25486f2fe0e994f569b788fc9f03ef6d383f54d4 Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>
2014-11-24Remove long-dead readtty.Elliott Hughes
Change-Id: I15ae14542214a3802d43892da0d03cfb33e63c96
2014-11-10Reserve some AIDs for OEMsJohan Redestig
OEMs frequently add some AIDs on their own. Reserve some range for them to use. Change-Id: I3c729c889c9bd3e105ae4f6fb0c04a42a10eb25c
2014-08-29am 24d2adba: am 188d4396: Merge "Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root."Brian Carlstrom
* commit '24d2adba7a2f9caa82a88be70ad2fe7397ab310a': Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.
2014-08-28Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
Bug: 16875245 (cherry picked from commit 3878ebd72493427ea5537b36dfb9cd7cb38677bb) Change-Id: I29a70215a2207bc4e0db02ab751d32a68edf4b66
2014-08-27Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
Bug: 16875245 Change-Id: I29a70215a2207bc4e0db02ab751d32a68edf4b66
2014-06-11am 0487e50a: am 24fc60c7: am 304d31f0: Merge "Make su 04750"Nick Kralevich
* commit '0487e50accf44f13acafad5fb5d76b4958d86550': Make su 04750
2014-06-08Make su 04750Nick Kralevich
Currently, /system/xbin/su is world executable. Prior to SELinux enforcement, anyone (including third party apps) could run su. The su code itself checks to see if the calling UID is root or shell. Rather than relying on enforcement within the su binary, modify the binary so it has group=shell, and remove world-execute permission. This helps avoid some annoying SELinux denial messages as third party apps call su on userdebug/eng builds. Change-Id: I61c9231bb7e201d14ee3a5b6fe81b3fa7b12599f
2014-06-04am 63cdd840: am e948c9fa: am 489797c2: Merge "Add new AID shared by all apps ↵Robin Lee
in a profile" * commit '63cdd840f81839bf6ce6e3723c42f09256cf4b3e': Add new AID shared by all apps in a profile
2014-06-04Merge "Add new AID shared by all apps in a profile"Robin Lee
2014-05-28am 4f3ad823: am a8329a36: am 96109cf3: Merge "Add UID and directory for ↵Torne (Richard Coles)
RELRO sharing support." * commit '4f3ad823eaf97fcbcbb1afac67371aff76677b1d': Add UID and directory for RELRO sharing support.
2014-05-27Add UID and directory for RELRO sharing support.Torne (Richard Coles)
Define a UID to be used by the process responsible for creating shared RELRO files for the WebView native library, and create a directory owned by that UID to use to store the files. Bug: 13005501 Change-Id: I5bbb1e1035405e5534b2681f554fe16f74e3da1a
2014-04-29Add new AID shared by all apps in a profileRobin Lee
Automatically assigned as a GID to all apps running under the same Android profile. Used for exposing to or sharing files with apps running in a specific profile. Analogous to AID_SHARED_GID only the sharing is between processes with the same userId rather than with the same appId. The name to be displayed for uids/gids with this AID is 'u*_everyone'. Change-Id: I46efb749f74cb86868c5609a0ce1a6aab2f9e9c9
2014-04-14am c5aff686: am cda31324: am 4706320e: Merge "Include 64bit valgrind in the ↵Narayan Kamath
android_filesystem_config." * commit 'c5aff68693dee788a28a0d0256782cc8521aa2a5': Include 64bit valgrind in the android_filesystem_config.
2014-04-12Include 64bit valgrind in the android_filesystem_config.Narayan Kamath
Required so that we set the exectuable bit correctly. Change-Id: If59bd0ff47d2b4b2b8f92a1c007b4ba414ea1876
2014-02-26logd: initial checkin.Mark Salyzyn
* Create a new userspace log daemon for handling logging messages. Original-Change-Id: I75267df16359684490121e6c31cca48614d79856 Signed-off-by: Nick Kralevich <> * Merge conflicts * rename new syslog daemon to logd to prevent confusion with bionic syslog * replace racy getGroups call with KISS call to client->getGid() * Timestamps are filed at logging source * insert entries into list in timestamp order * Added LogTimeEntry tail filtration handling * Added region locking around LogWriter list * separate threads for each writer * /dev/socket/logd* permissions Signed-off-by: Mark Salyzyn <> (cherry picked from commit 3e76e0a49760c4970b7cda6153e51026af98e4f3) Author: Nick Kralevich <> Change-Id: Ice88b1412d8f9daa7f9119b2b5aaf684a5e28098
2014-02-14logd: initial checkin.Nick Kralevich
* Create a new userspace log daemon for handling logging messages. Original-Change-Id: I75267df16359684490121e6c31cca48614d79856 Signed-off-by: Nick Kralevich <> * Merge conflicts * rename new syslog daemon to logd to prevent confusion with bionic syslog * replace racy getGroups call with KISS call to client->getGid() * Timestamps are filed at logging source * insert entries into list in timestamp order * Added LogTimeEntry tail filtration handling * Added region locking around LogWriter list * separate threads for each writer * /dev/socket/logd* permissions Signed-off-by: Mark Salyzyn <> Change-Id: Ice88b1412d8f9daa7f9119b2b5aaf684a5e28098
2014-02-04set permissions of recovery install scriptDoug Zongker
The script that writes the recovery partition after a successful update of system needs to be made executable. This change also moves it from /system/etc to /system/bin. Bug: 12893978 Change-Id: I686e2392a2392515a6859a7381b735de1007b7ea
2014-01-16add the pre-recovery serviceDoug Zongker
Add a service called "pre-recovery" which is normally stopped but can be started by the system server when we want to go into recovery. It will do any preparation needed (currently needed to handle update packages that reside on an encrypted /data partition) and then set sys.powerctl when it's ready to actually reboot. Bug: 12188746 Change-Id: I894a4cb200395a0f6d7fe643ed4c2ac0a45d2052
2013-09-17healthd: move charger executable to healthd charger modeTodd Poynor
* Add healthd charger mode ops * Check for executable invocation as "charger", set charger mode if so * Incorporate charger executable as healthd charger mode Change-Id: I4a44e7a4c3a65ae9be94491f7f498aa48d4f8a84
2013-08-08Richer SD card permissions through FUSE.Jeff Sharkey
Changes the FUSE daemon to synthesize an Android-specific set of filesystem permissions, even when the underlying media storage is permissionless. This is designed to support several features: First, apps can access their own files in /Android/data/com.example/ without requiring any external storage permissions. This is enabled by allowing o+x on parent directories, and assigning the UID owner based on the directory name (package name). The mapping from package to appId is parsed from packages.list, which is updated when apps are added/removed. Changes are observed through inotify. It creates missing package name directories when requested and valid. Second, support for separate permissions for photos and audio/video content on the device through new GIDs which are assigned based on top-level directory names. Finally, support for multi-user separation on the same physical media through new /Android/user/ directory, which will be bind-mounted into place. It recursively applies the above rules to each secondary user. rwxrwx--x root:sdcard_rw / rwxrwx--- root:sdcard_pics /Pictures rwxrwx--- root:sdcard_av /Music rwxrwx--x root:sdcard_rw /Android rwxrwx--x root:sdcard_rw /Android/data rwxrwx--- u0_a12:sdcard_rw /Android/data/com.example rwxrwx--x root:sdcard_rw /Android/obb/ rwxrwx--- u0_a12:sdcard_rw /Android/obb/com.example rwxrwx--- root:sdcard_all /Android/user rwxrwx--x root:sdcard_rw /Android/user/10 rwxrwx--- u10_a12:sdcard_rw /Android/user/10/Android/data/com.example These derived permissions are disabled by default. Switched option parsing to getopt(). Change-Id: I21bf5d79d13f0f07a6a116122b16395f4f97505b
2013-04-24am 9e9ed1b4: am 131ee07b: Merge "Add a new group for MediaDrm engine ↵Jeff Tinker
plugins" into jb-mr2-dev * commit '9e9ed1b40010745e709157a6977ba6d053d46c49': Add a new group for MediaDrm engine plugins
2013-04-25Merge "Add a new group for MediaDrm engine plugins" into jb-mr2-devJeff Tinker
2013-04-24am 0db6600a: am 7ee2e26e: Remove DBUS from make and header filesMatthew Xie
* commit '0db6600a60e8d604aaef5e43db9ae52ed7380979': Remove DBUS from make and header files
2013-04-23Add a new group for MediaDrm engine pluginsJeff Tinker
bug: 8702754 Change-Id: I3b7988b64b1dcf4685624e4c1af938e132b82696
2013-04-23Remove DBUS from make and header filesMatthew Xie
DBUS had been needed by bluetooth bluz stack. It is not needed after we replaced bluez stack with bluedroid stack. bug 6872904 Change-Id: I3fa41c1dd4ac80bc679d5950b3b20c7f6d12265f