path: root/include/private/android_filesystem_config.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-23Make init handle rebootsNick Kralevich
2013-03-26toolbox: Make reboot a separate command from toolboxBenoit Goby
2013-03-20android_filesystem_config: add /vendorColin Cross
2013-03-01android_filesystem_config.h: change ping and run-asNick Kralevich
2013-02-22fix mac sdk build.Nick Kralevich
2013-02-20Add support for filesystem capabilities.Nick Kralevich
2013-01-29resolved conflicts for merge of 0fe9742e to jb-mr1-dev-plus-aospDoug Zongker
2013-01-29add AID_LOOP_RADIO for control of loop radio deviceDoug Zongker
2012-12-21android_filesystem_config: allow absolute pathsColin Cross
2012-11-12am ee854b07: Merge "Allocate a UID for clatd"jp abgrall
2012-10-15Allocate a UID for clatdDaniel Drown
2012-10-04Create bluetooth stack aid for sharing gid between all bluetooth processesMatthew Xie
2012-09-20ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.Zhihai Xu
2012-09-13Add shared app gid to fs configKenny Root
2012-05-07change /fstab.* perms to 0640Doug Zongker
2012-05-03change /fstab.* perms back to 0644, to unbreak incremental OTAsDoug Zongker
2012-05-01A filesystem manager library to mount filesystems for init.Ken Sumrall
2012-04-06Add MDNS serviceRobert Greenwalt
2012-03-12Forget name for AID_SDCARD_R.Dianne Hackborn
2012-03-08Add AID_SDCARD_R.Dianne Hackborn
2012-02-09New user definitions for isolated sandboxes.Dianne Hackborn
2011-11-21Replace vendor specific NfcGoogle.apk with generic Nfc.apkNick Pelly
2011-09-30Create drmrpc group for security servicesJeffrey Tinker
2011-09-04core: Add a standalone charger UI binaryDima Zavin
2011-07-01Revert "Add keychain user"Brian Carlstrom
2011-06-22Create groups to protect bandwidth statistics.Jeff Sharkey
2011-04-08Add keychain userBrian Carlstrom
2011-04-05resolved conflicts for merge of 65475f89 to honeycomb-plus-aospJeff Hamilton
2011-04-04am 336bc321: Make the NFC UID forward compatible.Jeff Hamilton
2011-04-01Make the NFC UID forward compatible.Jeff Hamilton
2011-03-24am a6a36c0b: Update the value for the NFC shared UID.Jeff Hamilton
2011-03-24Update the value for the NFC shared UID.Jeff Hamilton
2011-03-01Make optional valgrind binaries +x.Brad Fitzpatrick
2011-02-07am 57cd87d9: am 1ace223f: Set default permissions for preloaded /data/media a...Paul Eastham
2011-02-03Set default permissions for preloaded /data/media aka /sdcard content.Paul Eastham
2011-01-20Bug 3361124 Remove drmioserverGlenn Kasten
2011-01-10Add separate permission and group for access to MTP USB driverMike Lockwood
2010-10-29Add new AID_MEDIA_RW group to control write access to /data/mediaMike Lockwood
2010-10-17am 67672e04: Merge a775965b from gingerbreadJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-10-15Merge a775965b from gingerbreadJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-10-15Add AID_NFC for use by the NFC service.Nick Pelly
2010-09-27am d1971c4c: resolved conflicts for merge of c29919c8 to gingerbread-plus-aospMike Lockwood
2010-09-27resolved conflicts for merge of c29919c8 to gingerbread-plus-aospMike Lockwood
2010-09-27Add AID_GPS user ID for GPS daemonMike Lockwood
2010-09-19resolved conflicts for merge of 3b5214a6 to masterBrian Swetland
2010-09-19am 02863b95: add /vendor supportBrian Swetland
2010-09-19add /vendor supportBrian Swetland
2010-09-10am 26ce6e0e: manual merge from readonly-korg-masterJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-09-10manual merge from readonly-korg-masterJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-08-31am 095a6a6e: am 739cd9d2: Merge "get rid of compile time warning: "warning: ...Nick Kralevich