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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-18Remove a dead header (<netutils/dhcp.h>).Elliott Hughes
2015-03-02Refactor dhcp_utils for more flexible uses.Erik Kline
2014-09-08Support resetting connections tied to any nonexistent address.Sreeram Ramachandran
2014-07-23Put back some deleted code.Sreeram Ramachandran
2014-07-22Cleanup: Delete dead code.Sreeram Ramachandran
2013-08-02libnetutils: Get mtu together with dhcp session resultsDmitry Shmidt
2013-01-10Support 4 dns servers, up from 2Robert Greenwalt
2012-07-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/jb-dev-mako' into jb-mr1-devEd Heyl
2012-07-23netutils: Make visible prefixLengthToIpv4Netmask() functionDmitry Shmidt
2012-06-21Export flags needed for ifc_reset_connections API in netutilsAlex Yakavenka
2012-04-19Pipe DHCP vendor info towards framework.Jeff Sharkey
2011-09-28Support adding, deleting, and clearing IPv6 addrs.Lorenzo Colitti
2011-07-07Add reset_mask as parameter to ifc_reset_connectionsWink Saville
2011-02-02Stop using netmask in the frameworkRobert Greenwalt
2011-01-27Merge "libnetutils: Clean all IPs assigned to the interface on cleaning"Dmitry Shmidt
2011-01-27libnetutils: Clean all IPs assigned to the interface on cleaningDmitry Shmidt
2011-01-25Change our dhcp interface to be IPv6 compat.Robert Greenwalt
2010-08-17Add API to add a route to IPv4/IPv6 host/gateway.Banavathu, Srinivas Naik
2010-06-09- creates proper ifc.h and dhcp.h headers for libnetutilsSzymon Jakubczak