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2016-05-23Fix SharedBuffer. Remove aref.Hans Boehm
2016-02-19Create profiles foldersCalin Juravle
2016-02-03Merge "libcutils/fastboot: improve multi-buffer write." am: f6f800ef3cDavid Pursell
2016-02-03libcutils/fastboot: improve multi-buffer write.David Pursell
2016-02-02Merge "libcutils: add multi-buffer socket send." am: d95ecfc432David Pursell
2016-02-02Merge "libcutils: add socket_get_local_port()." am: d90adbc45bDavid Pursell
2016-02-02libcutils: add multi-buffer socket send.David Pursell
2016-02-02libcutils: add socket_get_local_port().David Pursell
2016-02-01Enable top-app cpuset support.Tim Murray
2016-01-22Merge "fastboot: use cutils socket functions." am: bbedd9523fDavid Pursell
2016-01-21fastboot: use cutils socket functions.David Pursell
2016-01-21Merge "libcutils: share Windows networking code." am: 1906de1e0fDavid Pursell
2016-01-15libcutils: share Windows networking code.David Pursell
2016-01-14Be strict, but not that strict.Jeff Sharkey
2016-01-12Offer a stricter way to prepare directories.Jeff Sharkey
2015-11-23cutils: trace: add DATABASE tagGreg Hackmann
2015-09-02am 7b0bdec4: Merge "Add a tag for tracing system server."Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-09-02Merge "Add a tag for tracing system server."Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-08-26am 38f4a139: am 532e6cde: Merge "libcutils: cleanups for -fsanitize=integer"Nick Kralevich
2015-08-26libcutils: cleanups for -fsanitize=integerNick Kralevich
2015-08-07Add a tag for tracing system server.Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-08-03am 1f6204a8: am 6782ca0b: Merge "Add a trace constant for PackageManager"Todd Kennedy
2015-08-03Add a trace constant for PackageManagerTodd Kennedy
2015-07-30am 42dbc4b1: am 44443bea: Merge "Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINSOCK."Elliott Hughes
2015-07-29Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINSOCK.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-24am 1f76c1ab: am 9727a6a0: Merge "Report getaddrinfo failures correctly."Elliott Hughes
2015-07-23Report getaddrinfo failures correctly.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-21am ab64465d: am 0e3ce82b: Merge "Use fsck.f2fs -a instead of -f for faster boot"Yusuke Sato
2015-07-15Use fsck.f2fs -a instead of -f for faster bootYusuke Sato
2015-06-11add cpuset support to libcutilsTim Murray
2015-05-13Fix gettid() on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-04-29Fix gettid() on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-04-21Remove dead code.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-20Remove a declaration for an unimplemented function.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-16Merge "Revert "cutils: add OS-independent endian.h""Greg Hackmann
2015-04-16Revert "cutils: add OS-independent endian.h"Greg Hackmann
2015-04-16Merge "cutils: add OS-independent endian.h"Greg Hackmann
2015-04-16cutils: add OS-independent endian.hGreg Hackmann
2015-04-16Move trace.h to stdatomic.Yabin Cui
2015-04-02Just use snprintf for android_get_control_socket.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-02Be more intention-revealing with libcutils' strlcpy.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-02Move all libcutils tests into the gtests.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-01Merge "Define atrace_* functions for both target and host."Richard Uhler
2015-03-28Log more timing information from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-27Define atrace_* functions for both target and host.Richard Uhler
2015-03-23Fix mac sdk build.Christopher Ferris
2015-03-23Move gettid() into libcutils.Dan Albert
2015-02-03android_reboot should take a const char*.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-27Kill HAVE_PTHREADS.Yabin Cui
2015-01-20Move 32 bit/64 bit check into debuggerd.Christopher Ferris