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2016-03-10Add error reporting mechanism for failing Unwind.Christopher Ferris
2015-09-22Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing....Yabin Cui
2015-09-22Revert "Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing."""Yabin Cui
2015-09-21Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing.""Yabin Cui
2015-09-17Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing."Yabin Cui
2015-09-16Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing.Yabin Cui
2015-06-03Change the 64 bit map address format.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-06Add offset to map data.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-01Add load base to map for relocation packing.Christopher Ferris
2015-03-31Refactor the code.Christopher Ferris
2015-03-17Add variable length read to Backtrace.Christopher Ferris
2015-02-06Move map data into backtrace data proper.Christopher Ferris
2014-08-04Allow getting an uncached process map.Christopher Ferris
2014-05-21Add missing headersDan Albert
2014-05-09Fix ucontext_t forward declare for mac.Christopher Ferris
2014-05-09Fix mac build.Christopher Ferris
2014-05-08Rewrite unwind thread handling.Christopher Ferris
2014-04-03Create an UnwindMapLocal object.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-30LP64: Enable debuggerd/libbacktrace/libunwind.Pavel Chupin
2014-01-28Re-enable libunwind for arm.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-17Add PROT_* constants not found on windows.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-16Rewrite libbacktrace to be all C++.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-13Next phase of the move, reformat use C++ features.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-09Move BACKTRACE_NO_TID to BACKTRACE_CURRENT_THREAD.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-08Refactor to share map_info amongst threads.Christopher Ferris
2013-11-06Fix include files in backtrace.h.Christopher Ferris
2013-11-05Add some clarifying defines.Christopher Ferris
2013-10-30More libbacktrace fixes.Christopher Ferris
2013-10-28Rewrite libbacktrace using C++.Christopher Ferris
2013-09-30Update comment from review.Christopher Ferris
2013-09-28Create a single backtrace library.Christopher Ferris