path: root/gatekeeperd
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-21update bundled rc files to their contents from rootdir/init.rcTom Cherry
2015-08-06am dec7201e: am fe1b4627: am 19f223f3: Merge "[gatekeeperd] Check parent prof...Andres Morales
2015-08-05[gatekeeperd] Check parent profile for SID lookupsAndres Morales
2015-07-10[gatekeeperd] fix other unaligned mem accessAndres Morales
2015-07-10am 07f0aef8: am a5c8358a: am 787c3764: Merge "[gatekeeperd] fix use of uninit...Andres Morales
2015-07-10am beb4fa62: am b8fb72e0: am 0b0435ea: [gatekeeperd] fix file descriptor leakAndres Morales
2015-07-10Merge "[gatekeeperd] fix use of uninitialized memory" into mnc-devAndres Morales
2015-07-10[gatekeeperd] fix file descriptor leakAndres Morales
2015-07-09[gatekeeperd] copy uid to local before passing to u_mapAndres Morales
2015-07-08[gatekeeperd] fix use of uninitialized memoryAndres Morales
2015-06-25am d3b8b72e: am 9a53bb0f: Merge "[gatekeeperd] fix issue with SW->HW upgrades...Andres Morales
2015-06-25Merge "[gatekeeperd] fix issue with SW->HW upgrades" into mnc-devAndres Morales
2015-06-24[gatekeeperd] fix issue with SW->HW upgradesAndres Morales
2015-06-24Merge "Add missing include. Clang build fix." into mnc-devDan Albert
2015-06-24am 7f270fa8: am 3c2086da: [gatekeeperd] clear state and mark on cold bootAndres Morales
2015-06-24[gatekeeperd] clear state and mark on cold bootAndres Morales
2015-06-23am 343d7082: am b2856ddb: Merge "[gatekeeperd] invalidate stale password cach...Andres Morales
2015-06-23[gatekeeperd] invalidate stale password cacheAndres Morales
2015-06-22am 1e8a4588: am 835d96ea: [gatekeeperd] handle upgrades from software version...Andres Morales
2015-06-22[gatekeeperd] handle upgrades from software version to HALAndres Morales
2015-06-22am b58866fb: am c7ab1e81: [gatekeeperd] add fast path for SW password verific...Andres Morales
2015-06-22[gatekeeperd] add fast path for SW password verificationAndres Morales
2015-06-10Add missing include. Clang build fix.Dan Albert
2015-06-09Add missing arpa/inet.h include for ntohl.Dan Albert
2015-06-04Merge "[gatekeeperd] track gk failure record changes" into mnc-devAndres Morales
2015-06-03[gatekeeperd] track gk failure record changesAndres Morales
2015-06-02[gatekeeperd] verify a password after enrolling successfullyAndres Morales
2015-05-27[gatekeeperd] return brute-force throttling informationAndres Morales
2015-05-14Move SoftGateKeeper into gatekeeperdAndres Morales
2015-04-17Make clear SID delete the fileAndres Morales
2015-04-16Implement clear SID APIAndres Morales
2015-04-16Implement SID APIAndres Morales
2015-04-13Use proper NO_ERROR checking KS return valueAndres Morales
2015-04-11Update verify API to return auth token blobAndres Morales
2015-04-10Add challenge to verify callAndres Morales
2015-04-08GateKeeper proxy serviceAndres Morales