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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-02Remove USE_MINGW/CYGWIN; Whitelist windows modulesDan Willemsen
2015-08-25Fix missing <stdarg.h>.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-25Use 64-bit file sizes in fastboot.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-19fastboot should say which device it's waiting for.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-19Get fastboot working on OS XMatt Reimer
2015-08-13Start iterating USB pipe endpoints from 1.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-10Remove the USB vendor id whitelist from fastboot.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-07More Mac fastboot failure debugging.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-06Include the error code if GetPipeProperties fails.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-28Document the current MAX_USBFS_BULK_SIZE situation.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-26Rename ZipEntryName to ZipStringYusuke Sato
2015-06-24Fix Mac fastboot build.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-24Merge "Move fastboot's Windows code to C++."Elliott Hughes
2015-06-24Move fastboot's Mac OS code to C++.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-24Move fastboot's Windows code to C++.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-23Move fastboot to C++.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-10Fix fastboot --help formatting.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-03Add a working Windows tmpfile(3) to fastboot.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-03Fix file descriptor leak when opening invalid archives.Narayan Kamath
2015-06-03Don't say "update package missing" unless we mean it.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-03Merge "Add "fastboot --version"."Elliott Hughes
2015-06-02Add "fastboot --version".Elliott Hughes
2015-06-02'usb' doesn't need to be global in fastboot.Elliott Hughes
2015-05-15fastboot: Add support for fastboot flashing commandsBadhri Jagan Sridharan
2015-05-11Remove dead files.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-29Use base::WriteFully in zip_archive.Narayan Kamath
2015-04-20Fix windows adb buildColin Cross
2015-04-16statically link adb and fastboot against libc++Colin Cross
2015-03-31Add verbose param to sparse_file_import_autoMohamad Ayyash
2015-03-19Merge "fastboot/sparse: propagate error code"Elliott Hughes
2015-03-19Switch fastboot to ExtractEntryToFile.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-19Remove a prehistoric fastboot hack.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-18Switch fastboot to libziparchive.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-18Prepare for switching to libziparchive.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-01fastboot/sparse: propagate error codeJeremy Compostella
2015-02-25Support "fastboot reboot bootloader".Elliott Hughes
2014-12-09kill libunzYabin Cui
2014-12-09Fix adb/fastboot windows compilations.Christopher Ferris
2014-12-05fastboot: Support USB 3.x SuperSpeed devices on LinuxJack Pham
2014-12-04Merge "system: core: fastboot: Increase USB protocol buffer size to 1024"Badhri Jagan Sridharan
2014-11-26Clarify the strcmp() with the empty string.Stephen Hines
2014-11-26Merge "Fix incorrect path name check."Stephen Hines
2014-11-26Fix incorrect path name check.Stephen Hines
2014-11-24fastboot: add parameter for unbuffered stderr/stdoutFlorian Bäuerle
2014-11-21Remove explict use of ASCII encodingAl Sutton
2014-11-20Return path including executable instead of withoutAl Sutton
2014-11-19Fix building on modern versions of Xcode and OS X.Al Sutton
2014-11-07system: core: fastboot: Increase USB protocol buffer size to 1024Channagoud Kadabi
2014-10-01am 64f44b84: Merge "Remove obsolete reference to ddk; Fixes for -Werror" into...Stephen Hines
2014-09-30Remove obsolete reference to ddk; Fixes for -WerrorAndrew Hsieh