path: root/debuggerd/tombstone.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-04Fix problem with wait_for_gdb.Christopher Ferris
2016-04-20Connect to activity manager as root.Christopher Ferris
2016-01-14debuggerd: fix several bugs caused by fork/setuid change.Josh Gao
2016-01-05debuggerd: fork and drop privileges when dumping.Josh Gao
2014-06-19Removed log.quiet and log = NULL cases from debuggerd.Brigid Smith
2014-04-25Use the si_code value bionic passes us.Elliott Hughes
2014-01-13Next phase of the move, reformat use C++ features.Christopher Ferris
2013-04-04Modify debuggerd to cope with the abort message.Elliott Hughes
2012-06-08Enhance native stack dumps.Jeff Brown