path: root/debuggerd/mips
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-01Replace all _LOG error calls with ALOGE.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-27Refactor dump_memory function.Christopher Ferris
2015-01-26Remove the pt_regs_mips_t structure.Christopher Ferris
2014-06-19Updated non-ARM archs to reflect logging changes.Brigid Smith
2014-06-16Changing how debuggerd filters log messages to different locations.Brigid Smith
2014-05-21Fix register dump and back trace after a crash.Douglas Leung
2014-05-07Fix mips debuggerd <corkscrew/ptrace.h> build breakage.Elliott Hughes
2014-01-30debuggerd: a few generic improvementsKévin PETIT
2014-01-13Next phase of the move, reformat use C++ features.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-10Move to C++ for debuggerd.Christopher Ferris
2013-11-20Switch MIPS over to <sys/user.h>.Elliott Hughes
2013-10-03Update debuggerd to use libbacktrace.Christopher Ferris
2013-04-05Uploaded native crash dumps do not include memory contentsChristopher Tate
2012-08-10[MIPS] debuggerd and libcorkscrew supportChris Dearman