path: root/debuggerd/debuggerd.cpp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-13debuggerd: verify that traced threads belong to the right process.Josh Gao
2016-05-05Set groups before dropping privileges.Christopher Ferris
2016-05-04Fix problem with wait_for_gdb.Christopher Ferris
2016-04-20Connect to activity manager as root.Christopher Ferris
2016-03-25debuggerd: add SIGSYS to the list of handled signals.Josh Gao
2016-03-23debuggerd: waitpid for all children, and log the result.Josh Gao
2016-03-23debuggerd: always send SIGCONT after detaching.Josh Gao
2016-03-17debuggerd: don't apply timeout when wait_for_gdb is on.Josh Gao
2016-03-17debuggerd: don't send SIGSTOP to crashing processes.Josh Gao
2016-03-17debuggerd: monitor the worker process for failure.Josh Gao
2016-03-17debuggerd: fork the signal sender once.Josh Gao
2016-03-17Clean up CLOEXEC in debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2016-03-17Remove dead code from debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2016-03-16debuggerd: kill crashing processes with the signal they died with.Josh Gao
2016-03-09debuggerd: make sure that we kill the process after dumping.Josh Gao
2016-01-15debuggerd: fix debug.debuggerd.wait_for_gdb.Josh Gao
2016-01-14debuggerd: fix several bugs caused by fork/setuid change.Josh Gao
2016-01-05debuggerd: fork and drop privileges when dumping.Josh Gao
2015-12-07Switch from using sockaddr to sockaddr_storage.Erik Kline
2015-11-17debuggerd: remove some levels of indentation.Josh Gao
2015-10-22Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from init and debuggerdDan Willemsen
2015-10-06debuggerd: audit pid, uid and gid on SE Linux denialWilliam Roberts
2015-07-30bionic no longer sends SIGPIPE to debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-08New property that determines when to wait for gdb.Christopher Ferris
2015-07-07Fix debuggerd's gdbclient instructions.Elliott Hughes
2015-06-12Remove calls to is_selinux_enabled()Nick Kralevich
2015-05-15Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in system/core.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-20Move 32 bit/64 bit check into debuggerd.Christopher Ferris
2014-11-03Fix debuggerd issues.Christopher Ferris
2014-07-24Add SELinux MAC to debuggerd.Stephen Smalley
2014-06-27Fixed tid/pid mixup in debuggerd gdbclient output.Brigid Smith
2014-06-24Fixed pathname for connecting to debugger.Brigid Smith
2014-06-19Fix debuggerd "format '%p'" build breakage.Elliott Hughes
2014-06-19Removed log.quiet and log = NULL cases from debuggerd.Brigid Smith
2014-06-16Changing how debuggerd filters log messages to different locations.Brigid Smith
2014-05-16Teach debuggerd the name of SIGTRAP.Elliott Hughes
2014-05-16Remove the broken LED flashing code from debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2014-05-16Output correct gdbserver instructions from debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2014-05-16Add SIGTRAP support to crasher and debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2014-04-25Use the si_code value bionic passes us.Elliott Hughes
2014-02-07Use socklen_t instead of int in debuggerd.Elliott Hughes
2014-01-30AArch64: Port debuggerdKévin PETIT
2014-01-13Next phase of the move, reformat use C++ features.Christopher Ferris
2014-01-10Move to C++ for debuggerd.Christopher Ferris