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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-04crash_reporter_tests: Compile only on 'eng' builds.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2016-02-02crash_reporter: Fix paths for kernel panic collectionSteve Fung
2016-01-21Merge "crash_reporter: Add unit tests to debug builds"Steve Fung
2016-01-21Merge "crash_reporter: Fix unit tests to use ScopedTempDir"Steve Fung
2016-01-20crash_reporter: Fix unit tests to use ScopedTempDirSteve Fung
2016-01-20crash_reporter/metricsd: Update libchrome APIs to r369476Alex Vakulenko
2016-01-20crash_reporter: Add unit tests to debug buildsSteve Fung
2016-01-19Merge "crash_reporter: Add"Steve Fung
2016-01-15crash_reporter: Add README.mdSteve Fung
2016-01-12crash_reporter: Remove udev collector from Android buildSteve Fung
2016-01-04Disable RTTI in crash_reporter and metricsdAlex Vakulenko
2015-12-10crash_reporter: use libmetricscollectorservice for user crash event reportsTodd Poynor
2015-12-07crash_reporter: Fix unit testsSteve Fung
2015-11-23crash_reporter: Use cacerts_googleSteve Fung
2015-11-11crash_reporter: Join AID_READPROC groupSteve Fung
2015-11-04Populate BRILLO_CRASH_SERVER from the product configWill Drewry
2015-10-27Merge "core: Rename libchromeos into libbrillo"Alex Vakulenko
2015-10-27Merge "crash_reporter: Make report log more useful"Steve Fung
2015-10-27crash_reporter: Make report log more usefulSteve Fung
2015-10-27crash_sender: Properly handle curl errorsSteve Fung
2015-10-27core: Rename libchromeos into libbrilloAlex Vakulenko
2015-10-20crash_reporter: add missing mkdir for crash_server ruleMike Frysinger
2015-10-16crash_reporter: Use os-release.d to store the crash server urlSteve Fung
2015-10-14Update crash_reporter and metrics rc files to trigger on post-fs-dataSteve Fung
2015-10-13crash_reporter: Update to use the os-release.d configsSteve Fung
2015-10-13system/core: Rename "chromeos" -> "brillo" in include paths and namespacesAlex Vakulenko
2015-10-12crash_reporter: Report the bdk_versionSteve Fung
2015-10-09crash_reporter: Use the actual GID of the crashing processSteve Fung
2015-10-07crash_reporter: Support crashes from arbitrary usersSteve Fung
2015-09-30crash_reporter: Set Version and Product IDSteve Fung
2015-09-29Merge "crash_reporter: Use ro.debuggable for determining developer mode"Steve Fung
2015-09-29crash_reporter: determine official image using ro.secureSteve Fung
2015-09-28crash_reporter: Use ro.debuggable for determining developer modeSteve Fung
2015-09-28crash_reporter: build on non-Linux hostsScott James Remnant
2015-09-28Simplify Makefile for crash_reporter.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2015-09-15crash_reporter: Generate and use own guidSteve Fung
2015-09-15Merge "crash_reporter: Add model_manifest_id field to report"Steve Fung
2015-09-15Merge "crash_reporter: Ensure crash_sender spread time is not negative"Steve Fung
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Add model_manifest_id field to reportSteve Fung
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Ensure crash_sender spread time is not negativeSteve Fung
2015-09-14Merge "crash_reporter: Read crash server from property"Steve Fung
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Read crash server from propertySteve Fung
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Fix a couple crash_sender issuesSteve Fung
2015-09-09crash_reporter: Fix crash_senderSteve Fung
2015-09-02crash_reporter: Call dbus-send using chromeos::ProcessImplSteve Fung
2015-08-24crash_reporter: Run with supplemental groupsSteve Fung
2015-08-24Merge "crash_reporter: Fix tmp directory location"Steve Fung
2015-08-24Merge "crash_reporter: Relicense as Apache 2."Steve Fung
2015-08-23crash_reporter: Fix tmp directory locationSteve Fung
2015-08-21Merge "crash_reporter: Fix path to dbus-send"Steve Fung