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2015-07-09fs_config: replace getenv('OUT') by new fs_config parameterThierry Strudel
Using a getenv('OUT') in such a deep down function is a wrong design choice. Replacing with explicit parameter that may be NULL in case device specific files can be accessed from /. Since TARGET_COPY_OUT_SYSTEM may be defined to something different than system we also ensure that we use a path relative to TARGET_OUT to compute path to fs_config_* files. Bug: 21989305 Bug: 22048934 Change-Id: Id91bc183b29beac7379d1117ad83bd3346e6897b Signed-off-by: Thierry Strudel <>
2015-04-15makebootfs: use libcutils shared librariesMark Salyzyn
- move to as shared now that they are in DISTTOOL. - liblog dependency is part of libcutils, and need not be called out explicitly now. liblog is in DISTTOOL. - libcutils fs_config has the right to add Android logging Bug: 19908228 Change-Id: I915503f64389b59075620578601f98fc0756bd7a
2015-04-02mkbootfs: move fs_config to libcutilsMark Salyzyn
Bug: 19908228 Change-Id: Ic843b32f575825dc89cd9fa15dc0619bc397ce82
2014-05-23cpio: Turn on -WerrorMark Salyzyn
- Solve st_mode is uint16_t on MAC - Turn on -Werror Change-Id: I67b62424245545099ed283c56dae544153b85425
2013-10-29Fix a bunch of small system/core bugs.Elliott Hughes
Missing frees in: adb/file_sync_client.c fastboot/fastboot.c libsparse/output_file.c Missing closedirs in: adb/file_sync_service.c cpio/mkbootfs.c libcutils/dir_hash.c Potential buffer overrun in: gpttool/gpttool.c Incorrect NULL check in: libsparse/backed_block.c Bug: Change-Id: If97838a9e73a77aef7f416c31c237ce1fca4ce21
2013-02-20Add support for filesystem capabilities.Nick Kralevich
Modify android_filesystem_config.h and add a capabilities field. This field can be used to add filesystem capabilities to a particular file. Change-Id: If8953a322457ea7275aa6df75660b714e6dc678a
2012-05-04fix mkbootfs for systems that lack PATH_MAXDoug Zongker
Change-Id: I1b841bde6de6c8e762c5fba35e6d6d701f18bb05
2012-05-04add -f option to mkbootfs to load file perms from fileDoug Zongker
mkbootfs uses the compiled in fs_config() function to set the mode (but not the uid or gid) of the files in the filesystem it is building. Give it an optional "-f filename" flag to allow loading the list of file permissions from a file, so we can continue to accurately recreate old filesystems even when the current fs_config() has changed. Bug: 6435132 Change-Id: Ife6b25e989301e78e22c34a544738436c96caf6f
2010-12-09dist for dist_filesYing Wang
Change-Id: I665572a2212f1239b02b7816e37ada210afbdb48
2009-03-03auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843The Android Open Source Project
2009-03-03auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843The Android Open Source Project
2009-01-20auto import from //branches/cupcake/...@127101The Android Open Source Project
2008-12-17Code drop from //branches/cupcake/...@124589The Android Open Source Project
2008-10-21Initial ContributionThe Android Open Source Project