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2015-11-02Merge "Make Join support string delimiters"Casey Dahlin
2015-11-02Make Join support string delimitersCasey Dahlin
2015-11-02Fix ParseInt/ParseUint to handle explicit "0x" hex.Elliott Hughes
2015-10-20Fix lseek argument order.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-21base logging: fix errno restoring, severity conditionality, dangling ifsSpencer Low
2015-09-11libbase_test: get it building for WindowsSpencer Low
2015-09-11Merge "Ensure that libbase and liblog can be built for Windows."Dan Albert
2015-09-11Ensure that libbase and liblog can be built for Windows.Stephen Hines
2015-09-04Add ParseInt (and ParseUint).Elliott Hughes
2015-09-02Remove USE_MINGW/CYGWIN; Whitelist windows modulesDan Willemsen
2015-09-01adb/base win32 tests: fix comment and open() flagsSpencer Low
2015-09-01Use O_BINARY in base/file for Windows.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-13Fix the Mac libbase build.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-13libbase: logging fixesSpencer Low
2015-08-06win32: adb_test/libbase_test fixesSpencer Low
2015-08-03adb_test/libbase_test: win32: get some tests workingSpencer Low
2015-08-03libbase_test: win32: get some tests workingSpencer Low
2015-07-30Write mkdirs in more idiomatic C++ style.Alex Vallée
2015-07-09Revert "Turn on -Wformat-nonliteral."Dan Albert
2015-07-09Turn on -Wformat-nonliteral.Dan Albert
2015-05-22Generalize Join to work for any container/element.Dan Albert
2015-05-20Merge "adb / libbase: clean up NOGDI and evil ERROR macro"Dan Albert
2015-05-20adb / libbase: clean up NOGDI and evil ERROR macroSpencer Low
2015-05-20Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close()Nick Kralevich
2015-05-13adb: win32: fix StringPrintf format string checking of %zd and PRIu64Spencer Low
2015-05-06adb: win32: fix adb emu commandSpencer Low
2015-05-04Add additional shielding against the ERROR macro.Dan Albert
2015-04-30Fix comparison between signed and unsigned error on darwinColin Cross
2015-04-29Support base::logging on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-04-29Get libbase tests working on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-04-29Print strerror instead of errno in tests.Dan Albert
2015-04-27Remove strtok from adb.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-24Add ReadFully and WriteFully to libbase.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-17Fix comment typo.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-09Add base/memory.h.Dan Albert
2015-04-03Cleanup base/logging.Dan Albert
2015-04-03Support arbitrary loggers.Dan Albert
2015-04-03Support logging to other log buffers.Dan Albert
2015-04-03Merge "Remove LogMessage::LogLineLowStack."Dan Albert
2015-04-02Remove LogMessage::LogLineLowStack.Dan Albert
2015-04-02Don't show lint errors for rvalue references.Dan Albert
2015-03-30Enable building libbase on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-03-27Merge "Pull in Windows compatibility header."Dan Albert
2015-03-26Pull in Windows compatibility header.Dan Albert
2015-03-26Include what we use.Dan Albert
2015-03-23Move gettid() into libcutils.Dan Albert
2015-03-23Update string Split API.Dan Albert
2015-03-20Add google3 style logging to libbase.Dan Albert
2015-03-19Use mingw on Windows.Dan Albert
2015-03-16Add common string utilities to libbase.Dan Albert