AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-23libutils: hide SharedBuffer by moving SharedBuffer.h to the implementation di...Sergio Giro
2015-09-17Merge "adb unittest: make test_sync properly cleanup after itself"Elliott Hughes
2015-09-17Merge "Add unit tests for local socket."Yabin Cui
2015-09-17Merge "adb: win32: fix regression on older versions of Windows"Elliott Hughes
2015-09-16adb: win32: fix regression on older versions of WindowsSpencer Low
2015-09-16Merge "Revert "[core][trusty] add gatekeeper module""Andres Morales
2015-09-16Revert "[core][trusty] add gatekeeper module"Andres Morales
2015-09-16Merge "Revert "[core][trusty] add keymaster module""Andres Morales
2015-09-16Revert "[core][trusty] add keymaster module"Andres Morales
2015-09-16Add unit tests for local socket.Yabin Cui
2015-09-16Merge changes from topic 'trusty-gk-km''Andres Morales
2015-09-16Merge "Add libtrusty and corresponding test utility"Michael Ryleev
2015-09-16[core][trusty] add gatekeeper moduleAndres Morales
2015-09-16[core][trusty] add keymaster moduleAndres Morales
2015-09-16Merge "metricsd: move timer.h into include/metrics/"Samuel Tan
2015-09-16Add libtrusty and corresponding test utilityMichael Ryleev
2015-09-16Merge "Fix to work with the recent change."Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-09-15metricsd: move timer.h into include/metrics/Samuel Tan
2015-09-15Merge "adb: move adb to poll."Yabin Cui
2015-09-15Merge "adb: Kill subprocess when the client exits."David Pursell
2015-09-15adb: Kill subprocess when the client exits.David Pursell
2015-09-15adb: move adb to poll.Yabin Cui
2015-09-15Merge "adb: Fix missing shell protocol usage."David Pursell
2015-09-15Fix to work with the recent change.Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-09-15Merge "crash_reporter: Add model_manifest_id field to report"Steve Fung
2015-09-14adb unittest: make test_sync properly cleanup after itselfSpencer Low
2015-09-15Merge "crash_reporter: Ensure crash_sender spread time is not negative"Steve Fung
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Add model_manifest_id field to reportSteve Fung
2015-09-14Merge "metricsd: Add test case for the upload service."Bertrand Simonnet
2015-09-14Merge "metricsd: Persist the report to disk if an upload fails."Bertrand Simonnet
2015-09-14Merge "metricsd: Use the metrics directory everywhere."Bertrand Simonnet
2015-09-14adb: Fix missing shell protocol usage.David Pursell
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Ensure crash_sender spread time is not negativeSteve Fung
2015-09-14Merge "crash_reporter: Read crash server from property"Steve Fung
2015-09-14metricsd: Add test case for the upload service.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-09-14metricsd: Persist the report to disk if an upload fails.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-09-14metricsd: Use the metrics directory everywhere.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Read crash server from propertySteve Fung
2015-09-14Merge "crash_reporter: Fix a couple crash_sender issues"Steve Fung
2015-09-14Merge "metricsd: Collect generic stats about the system."Bertrand Simonnet
2015-09-14Merge changes from topic 'adb_shell'David Pursell
2015-09-14Merge "Lose du to toybox."Elliott Hughes
2015-09-14Lose du to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-14Merge "fs_mgr: Error out if unable to determine slot_suffix"David Zeuthen
2015-09-14crash_reporter: Fix a couple crash_sender issuesSteve Fung
2015-09-12Merge "Add libbinderwrapper."Daniel Erat
2015-09-12Merge "libbase_test: get it building for Windows"Elliott Hughes
2015-09-11libbase_test: get it building for WindowsSpencer Low
2015-09-12Merge "adb: fix shell_service_protocol_test for Windows."David Pursell
2015-09-11adb: fix shell_service_protocol_test for Windows.David Pursell