AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-09debuggerd: make sure that we kill the process after dumping.Josh Gao
2016-03-08mkbootimg: add version and patch levelSami Tolvanen
2016-03-08Allow building with Python 3.xBernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-03-08Merge "Fix mac build" into nyc-devColin Cross
2016-03-07Fix mac buildColin Cross
2016-03-07Merge changes I2e050a37,Ia2bf2ccf,I4e4db704,Ifbfd14e2,Ib46fcfa3 into nyc-devColin Cross
2016-03-07Merge "bootstat: Gate boot time metrics logging on an encrypted device being ...James Hawkins
2016-03-07Merge "bootstat: Don't log time_since_factory_reset on device reset." into ny...James Hawkins
2016-03-07libziparchive: port unit tests to darwin and windows.Yabin Cui
2016-03-07Merge "Add /postinstall partition when using the A/B updater." into nyc-devAlex Deymo
2016-03-07Merge "Distinguish between unencrypted and unencryptable" into nyc-devPaul Lawrence
2016-03-04Add ABI to leak reportColin Cross
2016-03-04Combine leaks with same stacktraceColin Cross
2016-03-04adbd: fix spurious close of uninitialized fd.Josh Gao
2016-03-04adb: wait for restore to complete before returning.Josh Gao
2016-03-04adb: wait for adbd to die and respawn in root/unroot.Josh Gao
2016-03-04adb: make ScopedFd universally accessible and useful.Josh Gao
2016-03-04bootstat: Gate boot time metrics logging on an encrypted device being decrypted.James Hawkins
2016-03-04bootstat: Don't log time_since_factory_reset on device reset.James Hawkins
2016-03-04Fix allocator::map template argument orderingColin Cross
2016-03-04Fold leaks that are referenced by other leaksColin Cross
2016-03-04Compile some tests for the hostColin Cross
2016-03-04Distinguish between unencrypted and unencryptablePaul Lawrence
2016-03-04Add /postinstall partition when using the A/B updater.Alex Deymo
2016-03-04Handle the case when is not in useDimitry Ivanov
2016-03-03adb: clean up quotes in Gao
2016-03-03adb: mkdir the correct directory name when pulling.Josh Gao
2016-03-03adb: cleanup file skipping logic.Josh Gao
2016-03-03adb: symlinks to dirs count as dirs for pull destination.Josh Gao
2016-03-03adb: relax serial matching rules.David Pursell
2016-03-03adb: report progress for small files.Josh Gao
2016-03-03Also archive adb.exe/fastboot.exe when building win_sdk.Ying Wang
2016-03-03adb: fix directory creation logic.Josh Gao
2016-03-03adb: fix mistaken use of PLOG.Josh Gao
2016-03-03adb: use TCP keepalive.David Pursell
2016-03-03Merge "Revert "Introduce unique_fd"" into nyc-devElliott Hughes
2016-03-03Revert "Introduce unique_fd"Elliott Hughes
2016-03-02Revert "Do not do local unwinds through .oat or .dex maps."Andreas Gampe
2016-03-02logd: check return valuesMark Salyzyn
2016-03-02logd: clarify release_Locked() for static analyzerMark Salyzyn
2016-03-02Make toolbox top a little more like everyone else's.Elliott Hughes
2016-03-02Merge "Do not do local unwinds through .oat or .dex maps." into nyc-devAndreas Gampe
2016-03-01Do not do local unwinds through .oat or .dex maps.Christopher Ferris
2016-03-01Emulator: fix adbd qemu pipe partial writebohu
2016-03-01Merge "mkdir /data/misc/cameraserver for AVD's camera HALs" into nyc-devKeun Soo Yim
2016-03-01mkdir /data/misc/cameraserver for AVD's camera HALsKeun Soo Yim
2016-02-29Merge changes from topic 'unreachable' into nyc-devColin Cross
2016-02-29Merge "logd: stop log spam when integrity enforcement is suppressed" into nyc...Sami Tolvanen
2016-02-29Fix locking of libnativeloaderDimitry Ivanov
2016-02-29logd: stop log spam when integrity enforcement is suppressedSami Tolvanen