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change /data/bugreports to /bugreports
It's 5 characters shorter, has no runtime costs, can be stored on a read-only partition, and avoids problems like b/27262109 and b/27204904. It allows makes some security hardening easier. (cherry picked from commit c4084c669495fd1b41ce8b6568c71b1f46d26969) Bug: 27262109 Bug: 27204904 Bug: 32799236 Test: verified new symlink created and old one not present Change-Id: Ief362e13569ad9c868a7f0f9c4dbd6a328c96c6b
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diff --git a/rootdir/init.rc b/rootdir/init.rc
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--- a/rootdir/init.rc
+++ b/rootdir/init.rc
@@ -414,10 +414,6 @@ on post-fs-data
mkdir /data/anr 0775 system system
- # symlink to bugreport storage location
- rm /data/bugreports
- symlink /data/user_de/0/ /data/bugreports
# Separate location for storing security policy files on data
mkdir /data/security 0711 system system