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Add /postinstall partition when using the A/B updater.
The new top level directory /postinstall is used by the A/B updater to mount the new partition and run a post-install program before rebooting into that new system. init.rc was extended to label this new directory since the initrd has no extended attributes. Bug: 27177071 TEST=`ls -laZ /` shows the /postinstall directory on edison-eng (cherry picked from commit bb968fb04db3ec5227e84571e1c6bfd265836085) Change-Id: Iff993135c7ce3a1a0f6450892ef7382da408fd5e
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diff --git a/rootdir/ b/rootdir/
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--- a/rootdir/
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@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ ifdef BOARD_ROOT_EXTRA_SYMLINKS
; mkdir -p $(dir $(TARGET_ROOT_OUT)/$(word 2,$(p))) \
; ln -sf $(word 1,$(p)) $(TARGET_ROOT_OUT)/$(word 2,$(p)))
+# The A/B updater uses a top-level /postinstall directory to mount the new
+# system before reboot.
+ifeq ($(AB_OTA_UPDATER),true)
+ LOCAL_POST_INSTALL_CMD += ; mkdir -p $(TARGET_ROOT_OUT)/postinstall
include $(BUILD_SYSTEM)/