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Revert "Make sure that names of all entries have the same encoding."
This reverts commit 6a7f4bb79dde575d30af562af916b572b80ff9c3. Change-Id: Id4f5b601ff0b9d82ce2c9beeb9162eba9594b3a7
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diff --git a/include/ziparchive/zip_archive.h b/include/ziparchive/zip_archive.h
index afd2b7e54..27a97967d 100644
--- a/include/ziparchive/zip_archive.h
+++ b/include/ziparchive/zip_archive.h
@@ -158,11 +158,6 @@ int32_t Next(void* cookie, ZipEntry* data, ZipEntryName *name);
void EndIteration(void* cookie);
- * Whether entry names in an archive are encoded in UTF-8.
- */
-bool HasUTF8Names(const ZipArchiveHandle handle);
* Uncompress and write an entry to an open file identified by |fd|.
* |entry->uncompressed_length| bytes will be written to the file at
* its current offset, and the file will be truncated at the end of