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Mutex: Note that STL is generally prefered
This class was designed prior to Android having usable C++11 support. With that support now in place, we prefer people to start using the STL threading classes, unless the code needs to build on Win32. Change-Id: If1b4d9bdfcb1e65824909376f022842bab9653d6
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@@ -35,6 +35,10 @@ namespace android {
class Condition;
+ * NOTE: This class is for code that builds on Win32. Its usage is
+ * deprecated for code which doesn't build for Win32. New code which
+ * doesn't build for Win32 should use std::mutex and std::lock_guard instead.
+ *
* Simple mutex class. The implementation is system-dependent.
* The mutex must be unlocked by the thread that locked it. They are not