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authorJeff Brown <>2011-10-24 11:10:16 -0700
committerJeff Brown <>2011-10-25 17:00:17 -0700
commit9524e4158fbb988b6a5e4f5be68ee10b7e4dd6d8 (patch)
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Add support for explicitly dumping native stacks.
This change modifies debuggerd so that it can be used to grab the native stacks of a process that has hung and not just crashed. Note that only the root user can do this (for now). adb shell debuggerd <tid> Then use logcat to find the tombstone file that was generated which will have the native stacks of all threads in the requested process. The specified thread will be shown first and will also appear in the main log. Also made some minor tweaks to libcorkscrew so that we could handle statically compiled executables in the future if we compiled the library statically. Improved the "wait_for_user_action" function to support volume down as an alternative for devices that do not have home keys. Removed a mess of gotos. Change-Id: Ic149653986b0c2f503c7f0e8b7cb1f3be7c84d1e
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diff --git a/debuggerd/arm/machine.c b/debuggerd/arm/machine.c
index 891b1efae..d941684f5 100644
--- a/debuggerd/arm/machine.c
+++ b/debuggerd/arm/machine.c
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ void dump_registers(ptrace_context_t* context __attribute((unused)),
_LOG(tfd, only_in_tombstone, " d%-2d %016llx d%-2d %016llx\n",
i, vfp_regs.fpregs[i], i+1, vfp_regs.fpregs[i+1]);
- _LOG(tfd, only_in_tombstone, " scr %08lx\n\n", vfp_regs.fpscr);
+ _LOG(tfd, only_in_tombstone, " scr %08lx\n", vfp_regs.fpscr);