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authorJames Hawkins <>2017-01-17 13:27:05 -0800
committerJames Hawkins <>2017-01-19 10:15:51 -0800
commitb7893e6fa4b3a3cff3963d357086275a57489097 (patch)
parent00d5dad56ff30102fa270832981a837b2f28155c (diff)
bootstat: Fix false metrics due to soft reboots.
Use a flag to enable/disable logging metrics, set to false during soft reboots. Bug: 32807863 Change-Id: Ib1359327af4e18d40400c29961c454f7be1b8d0c Test: None (cherry picked from commit 800ceb45b15c2b63edd4c699862653c55fe55ef2)
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diff --git a/bootstat/bootstat.rc b/bootstat/bootstat.rc
index c96e996f5..ca8bea22e 100644
--- a/bootstat/bootstat.rc
+++ b/bootstat/bootstat.rc
@@ -11,8 +11,26 @@ on post-fs-data
on post-fs-data && property:init.svc.bootanim=running
exec - root root -- /system/bin/bootstat -r post_decrypt_time_elapsed
+# sys.logbootcomplete is a signal to enable the bootstat logging mechanism.
+# This signaling is necessary to prevent logging boot metrics after a soft
+# reboot (e.g., adb shell stop && adb shell start). /proc/uptime is not reset
+# during a soft reboot, which leads to false boot time metrics being reported.
+# The 'on boot' event occurs once per hard boot (device power on), which
+# switches the flag on. If the device performs a soft reboot, the flag is
+# switched off and cannot be switched on until the device hard boots again.
+# Enable bootstat logging on boot.
+on boot
+ setprop sys.logbootcomplete 1
+# Disable further bootstat logging on a soft reboot. A soft reboot is
+# signaled by the zygote stopping.
+on property:init.svc.zygote=stopping
+ setprop sys.logbootcomplete 0
# Record boot complete metrics.
-on property:sys.boot_completed=1
+on property:sys.boot_completed=1 && property:sys.logbootcomplete=1
# Record boot_complete and related stats (decryption, etc).
exec - root root -- /system/bin/bootstat --record_boot_complete