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2018-01-20Merging r322875:Dimitry Andric
2018-01-03[TableGen] Add support of Intrinsics with multiple returnsHal Finkel
2017-12-28Avoid int to string conversion in Twine or raw_ostream contexts.Benjamin Kramer
2017-12-22[git-llvm] Handle files ignored by svn correctlyWalter Lee
2017-12-21[TableGen] Print more helpful information in case of type contradictionKrzysztof Parzyszek
2017-12-20Do not generate an empty switch statement as it causes MSVC to issue diagnost...Aaron Ballman
2017-12-20TableGen: Allow setting SDNodeProperties on intrinsicsMatt Arsenault
2017-12-20[globalisel][tablegen] Allow ImmLeaf predicates to use InstructionSelector me...Daniel Sanders
2017-12-20Allow to apply cherry-picks when building Docker images.Ilya Biryukov
2017-12-20[AArch64][SVE] Re-submit patch series for ZIP1/ZIP2Sander de Smalen
2017-12-19Silence a bunch of implicit fallthrough warningsAdrian Prantl
2017-12-19[TableGen][GlobalISel] Reset the internal map of RuleMatchers just before the...Quentin Colombet
2017-12-19update_mir_test_checks: Accept IR as input as well as MIRJustin Bogner
2017-12-18update_mir_test_checks: Add "mir" to some states and regex namesJustin Bogner
2017-12-18[TableGen][GlobalISel] Make the arguments of the Instruction and Operand Matc...Quentin Colombet
2017-12-18[TableGen][GlobalISel] Refactor optimizeRules related bit to allow code reuseQuentin Colombet
2017-12-18Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Asm" changes, they broke libjpeg_turboReid Kleckner
2017-12-18[TableGen][GlobalISel] Optimize MatchTable for faster instruction selectionQuentin Colombet
2017-12-18[AArch64][SVE] Asm: Improve diagnostics further when +sve is not specifiedSander de Smalen
2017-12-18[TableGen][AsmMatcherEmitter] Only choose specific diagnostic for enabled ins...Sander de Smalen
2017-12-15[TableGen][GlobalISel] Make the different Matcher comparableQuentin Colombet
2017-12-15[TableGen][GlobalISel] Fix unused variable warning in release modeQuentin Colombet
2017-12-15[TableGen][GlobalISel] Have the predicate directly know which data they are d...Quentin Colombet
2017-12-15[debuginfo] Remove obsolete that was moved to debuginfo-tests.Don Hinton
2017-12-14[TableGen][GlobalISel] Add a common class for all PredicateMatcherQuentin Colombet
2017-12-14Add MVT::v128i1, NFCKrzysztof Parzyszek
2017-12-14Re-commit: [TableGen] AsmMatcher: Fix bug with reported diagnostic for operand.Sander de Smalen
2017-12-13Remove redundant includes from utils/TableGen.Michael Zolotukhin
2017-12-13[Targets] Don't automatically include the scheduler class enum from *GenInstr...Craig Topper
2017-12-08Avoid constructing an out-of-range value for an enumeration (which results in...Richard Smith
2017-12-07[TableGen] Give the option of tolerating duplicate register namesAlex Bradbury
2017-12-05[CMake] Use PRIVATE in target_link_libraries for executablesShoaib Meenai
2017-12-05Revert r319691: [globalisel][tablegen] Split atomic load/store into separate ...Daniel Sanders
2017-12-05Disable detect_leaks in the ASanified build of LLVM when using Apple LLVM. Th...Kuba Mracek
2017-12-04[globalisel][tablegen] Split atomic load/store into separate opcode and enabl...Daniel Sanders
2017-12-04[NFC][lit] Use proper semantic versioning names for variablesJonas Devlieghere
2017-12-04Revert r319649 - [Asm, ARM] Add fallback diag for multiple invalid operandsOliver Stannard
2017-12-04[Asm, ARM] Add fallback diag for multiple invalid operandsOliver Stannard
2017-12-03Fix typo in emitted attribute nameMatt Arsenault
2017-12-01Add more triples to llc_test_checks.pySam Parker
2017-12-01[lit] Don't enable LSan on Darwin for Apple clang 9.0.0Jonas Devlieghere
2017-12-01[lit] Implement non-pipelined ‘mkdir’, ‘diff’ and ‘rm’ commands i...Ying Yi
2017-11-30[globalisel][tablegen] Add support for relative AtomicOrderingsDaniel Sanders
2017-11-30[globalisel][tablegen] Add support for specific immediates in the match patternDaniel Sanders
2017-11-29Add libstd++-4.8 exceptions to ubsan_blacklist.txtSam Clegg
2017-11-29Make check-lit tests respect LLVM_LIT_TOOLS_DIRGreg Bedwell
2017-11-28[globalisel][tablegen] Add support for importing G_ATOMIC_CMPXCHG, G_ATOMICRM...Daniel Sanders
2017-11-28lit: Bring back -Dtool=xxx feature lost in r313928Matthias Braun
2017-11-26[utils][mips] Add support for mips for update_llc_checks.pySimon Dardis
2017-11-23Reverted rL318911 since it broke the sanitizer-windows.Ying Yi