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2018-04-07Merging r327135:Tom Stellard
2018-02-02Merging r323155:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-16Merging r321980:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-03Thread MCSubtargetInfo through Target::createMCAsmBackendAlex Bradbury
2018-01-02[llvm-objcopy] Add support for visibilityJake Ehrlich
2017-12-28Fix tests after move to utohexstr.Benjamin Kramer
2017-12-28Avoid int to string conversion in Twine or raw_ostream contexts.Benjamin Kramer
2017-12-28[dsymutil][NFC] Replace calls to CoreFoundation with LLVM equivalent.Jonas Devlieghere
2017-12-27[llvm-readobj] Support -needed-libs option for COFF filesPetr Hosek
2017-12-21[llvm-readobj] Fix ambiguous call to the `printNumber`Simon Atanasyan
2017-12-21[llvm-readobj] Support 'GNU' style for MIPS GOT/PLT dumpingSimon Atanasyan
2017-12-20[opt-viewer] Also demangle indirect-call promotion targetsAdam Nemet
2017-12-19[Support][CachePruning] Disable cache pruning regression fixBen Dunbobbin
2017-12-19[dwarfdump] Lookup needs to be an unsigned long long parameter.Jonas Devlieghere
2017-12-19[llvm-objcopy] Add option to add a progbits section from a fileJake Ehrlich
2017-12-19[llvm-readobj] Dump wasm init functionsSam Clegg
2017-12-18Fix more inconsistent line endings. NFC.Dimitry Andric
2017-12-18[YAML] Add support for non-printable charactersFrancis Visoiu Mistrih
2017-12-16Fixed warning 'function declaration isn’t a prototype [-Werror=strict-proto...Galina Kistanova
2017-12-15[llvm-objcopy] Reformat everything using clang-format -iJake Ehrlich
2017-12-15Updated llvm-objdump to display local relocations in Mach-O binariesMichael Trent
2017-12-15[LLVMgold] Don't set undefined symbol as prevailingEugene Leviant
2017-12-15Don't crash in llvm-pdbutil when dumping TypeIndexes with high bit set.Zachary Turner
2017-12-14[WebAssembly] Add support for init functions linking metadataSam Clegg
2017-12-14[opt-viewer] Render utf-8 characters properly in the generated HTMLAdam Nemet
2017-12-14[opt-viewer] Support unicode characters in function namesAdam Nemet
2017-12-13Recover some overzealously removed includes.Michael Zolotukhin
2017-12-13[WebAssembly] Add linking metatdata test coverage for wasm2yamlSam Clegg
2017-12-13Remove redundant includes from tools.Michael Zolotukhin
2017-12-13[dsymutil] Re-enable threadingJonas Devlieghere
2017-12-13reverting out -r320532 because a warning is breaking the lld buildMichael Trent
2017-12-12Updated llvm-objdump to display local relocations in Mach-O binariesMichael Trent
2017-12-12[dsymutil] Accept line tables up to DWARFv5.Jonas Devlieghere
2017-12-11[llvm-cov] Add an option for "export" command to emit only file summary data.Max Moroz
2017-12-08dwarfdump: Add support for the --diff option.Adrian Prantl
2017-12-08[Debugify] Add a pass to test debug info preservationVedant Kumar
2017-12-08Reverting r320166 to fix test failures.Michael Trent
2017-12-08Updated llvm-objdump to display local relocations in Mach-O binariesMichael Trent
2017-12-07[dsymutil] Add -verify option to run DWARF verifier after linking.Jonas Devlieghere
2017-12-06Update obj2yaml and yaml2obj for .debug$H section.Zachary Turner
2017-12-06[opt-viewer] Suppress noisy Swift remarksAdam Nemet
2017-12-06Fix error in llvm-pdbutil.Zachary Turner
2017-12-05Teach llvm-pdbutil to dump types from object files.Zachary Turner
2017-12-05[CMake] Use PRIVATE in target_link_libraries for executablesShoaib Meenai
2017-12-05Test commit, as per the LLVM Developer Policy.Michael Trent
2017-12-02[llvm-readobj] Remove redundant local variables to reduce the code. NFCSimon Atanasyan
2017-12-02[llvm-readobj] Print static MIPS GOTSimon Atanasyan
2017-12-02[llvm-readobj] Delete unused method argument. NFCSimon Atanasyan
2017-11-30[llvm] Add stripped installation targetsShoaib Meenai
2017-11-30[llvm-objcopy] Add support for --only-keep/-j and --keepJake Ehrlich