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2015-08-10[Sparc] Implement i64 load/store support for 32-bit sparc.James Y Knight
2012-01-25Tidy up. s/Low Level Virtual Machine/LLVM/.Jim Grosbach
2007-07-13* update blurbGabor Greif
2006-08-21Minor technical correction in documentation.Reid Spencer
2006-08-16Transform the LLVM RPM spec file to be a configured file. This allows usReid Spencer
2006-04-07For PR723:Reid Spencer
2005-05-18Onward to LLVM-1.6 and beyond!Misha Brukman
2005-05-14Some minor adjustments for the 1.5 release.Reid Spencer
2004-08-16Updated for 1.3.John Criswell
2004-02-10RPM spec file for LLVM tools and libraries.Brian Gaeke