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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-26Remove autoconf supportChris Bieneman
2016-01-13Update version to 3.9.Hans Wennborg
2015-12-10[OPENMP] Make -fopenmp to turn on OpenMP support by default.Alexey Bataev
2015-11-28[autoconf] Fix MinGW buildKeno Fischer
2015-11-12Add AVR backend skeletonDylan McKay
2015-11-09Deprecate AutoconfChris Bieneman
2015-09-12Don't use bashism/kshism of test ==. From Kamil Rytarowski.Joerg Sonnenberger
2015-08-17Add an exposed variable for which c++ compiler we're using for ourEric Christopher
2015-08-07We're actually -Wmissing-field-initializers clean thanks to the cmakeEric Christopher
2015-08-05Temporarily revert r244012 while we see if it's really necessary.Eric Christopher
2015-08-05Remove autoconf checks for sigsetjmp and siglongjmp as they appear toEric Christopher
2015-08-05Remove the apparently unused rand48 configure checks and associated m4.Eric Christopher
2015-08-05Remove obsolete configure check for libole32 as we don't appear to useEric Christopher
2015-08-05Remove the unused header check for utime.h.Eric Christopher
2015-08-04Remove the configure and cmake checks for sys/wait.hJustin Bogner
2015-07-14Update the trunk version to 3.8.0svn.Hans Wennborg
2015-07-01Disallow in-source builds (as we already do for the cmake build).Jonathan Roelofs
2015-06-29[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backendDan Gohman
2015-06-18[autoconf] Detect OLE32 for mingw.NAKAMURA Takumi
2015-06-13configure: Remove non-portable fall-through operator: ;&Tom Stellard
2015-06-13R600 -> AMDGPU renameTom Stellard
2015-06-09[bpf] enable BPF backend in autoconf buildAlexei Starovoitov
2015-05-28[omp] Actually provide a default OpenMP runtime -- libgomp for now.Chandler Carruth
2015-05-28[omp] Add a configuration variable for the default OpenMP runtime.Chandler Carruth
2015-05-04Deprecate in-source autotools buildsJonathan Roelofs
2015-04-29Clean up docs references to './configure' in preparation for deprecating in-s...Jonathan Roelofs
2015-04-01Try to unbreak Clang build to export LLVM_ABI_BREAKING_CHECKS, fixup for r233...NAKAMURA Takumi
2015-03-26[ADT][CMake][AutoConf] Fail-fast iterators for DenseMapSanjoy Das
2015-03-12[autoconf] Fix the build failure by quoting the strings.Logan Chien
2015-03-12[autoconf] Regenerate autoconf configure script.Logan Chien
2015-03-12Update for a new year.Eric Christopher
2015-03-09Drop the hacks used for partial C99 math libraries.Benjamin Kramer
2015-02-28Revert r230812. Do not break builds for no reason.Nick Lewycky
2015-02-27Discourage in-source autoconf builds (as we already do for the cmake build)Jonathan Roelofs
2015-02-26Support bitrig in autoconf build system.Eric Christopher
2015-02-01Fix some bashims. More information on Re...Sylvestre Ledru
2015-01-30[Cygming] Seek also chkstk_ms, or JIT fails with DLL builds. It is fixup for ...NAKAMURA Takumi
2015-01-30Regenerate configure since r227090.NAKAMURA Takumi
2015-01-14Trunk is now 3.7.0svnHans Wennborg
2014-12-29[multilib] Add support to the autoconf build to substituteChandler Carruth
2014-12-12Require python 2.7.Rafael Espindola
2014-11-19Expose LLVM version string via macro in llvm-config.h, and modify Go bindingsPeter Collingbourne
2014-11-05Add a check for misbehaving -Wcomment from gcc-4.7 and addEric Christopher
2014-10-30[OCaml] [autoconf] Migrate to ocamlfind.Peter Zotov
2014-10-27Re-commit r220667.Rui Ueyama
2014-10-27Revert "Include stddef.h before including cxxabi.h" to un-break buildbotRui Ueyama
2014-10-27Include stddef.h before including cxxabi.hRui Ueyama
2014-10-16Initial version of Go bindings.Peter Collingbourne
2014-10-03Remove unused ALL_BINDINGS configuration variable.Peter Collingbourne
2014-08-14Delete support for AuroraUX.Rafael Espindola