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2018-01-22Merging r322973:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-02[opt-viewer] Check for pygments.lexer.c_cppJonas Hahnfeld
2017-12-25[cmake] Always respect existing CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS when adding additional o...Don Hinton
2017-12-15[cmake] Fix clang-cl cross-compilation on macOSShoaib Meenai
2017-12-14[cmake] Only attempt to install MSVC system libraries on WindowsShoaib Meenai
2017-12-13[CMake] Pass LLVM_HAVE_LINK_VERSION_SCRIPT to external projectsPetr Hosek
2017-12-13[cmake] Add support for case-sensitive Windows SDKsShoaib Meenai
2017-12-13[cmake] Support host architectures other than x64Shoaib Meenai
2017-12-13[cmake] Explicitly set VS 2017 compatibilityShoaib Meenai
2017-12-13[cmake] Determine MSVC host triple correctly when cross-compilingShoaib Meenai
2017-12-13[cmake] Fix host tools build in when LLVM_EXPERIMENTAL_TARGETS_TO_BUILD is setAlex Bradbury
2017-12-11[cmake] Pass TARGETS_TO_BUILD through to host tools buildJustin Bogner
2017-12-08[cmake] Only pass CMAKE_SYSROOT if non-emptyShoaib Meenai
2017-12-08[cmake] Make setting of CMAKE_C(XX)_COMPILER flags overridable for cross-buildsPavel Labath
2017-12-06[CMake] Use PRIVATE when linking LLVM fuzzers.Matt Morehouse
2017-12-06[cmake] Remove unnecessary header include in atomics checkShoaib Meenai
2017-12-06[cmake] Move CMAKE_(C|CXX)_COMPILER variables before CROSS_TOOLCHAIN_FLAGS soDon Hinton
2017-12-05[CMake] Use PRIVATE in target_link_libraries for executablesShoaib Meenai
2017-12-05Re-commit "[cmake] Enable zlib support on windows"Pavel Labath
2017-12-05[cmake] Modernize some conditionals. NFCShoaib Meenai
2017-12-05[CMake] Don't use comma as an alternate separatorPetr Hosek
2017-12-04Revert "[cmake] Enable zlib support on windows"Pavel Labath
2017-12-02[cmake] Re-commit: Remove redundant call to cmake when building host tools.Don Hinton
2017-12-02CMAKE: help CheckAtomic find check_library_existsMartell Malone
2017-12-01[cmake] Revert (rL319574): Resubmit Remove redundant call to cmake when build...Don Hinton
2017-12-01[cmake] Resubmit Remove redundant call to cmake when building host tools.Don Hinton
2017-12-01[cmake] Enable zlib support on windowsPavel Labath
2017-12-01[cmake] Expose opt-viewer availabilityAdam Nemet
2017-11-30[llvm] Add stripped installation targetsShoaib Meenai
2017-11-30[cmake] Include project name in Sphinx doctree dir to fix race conditionsMichal Gorny
2017-11-29[cmake] Replace -Wall with /W4 in clang-cl options now that -Wall aliases -We...Greg Bedwell
2017-11-29Add opt-viewer testingAdam Nemet
2017-11-29Rollback r319176.Don Hinton
2017-11-29Revert "Add opt-viewer testing"Adam Nemet
2017-11-28[cmake] Pass LLVM_USE_LINKER flag when building host tools, e.g.,Don Hinton
2017-11-28Add opt-viewer testingAdam Nemet
2017-11-28[cmake] Remove redundant call to cmake when building host tools.Don Hinton
2017-11-28Revert "Add opt-viewer testing"Adam Nemet
2017-11-27[CMake] Pass LLVM_HOST_TRIPLE to external projectsPetr Hosek
2017-11-27[cmake] Pass -Wl,-z,nodelete on Linux to prevent unloadingMichal Gorny
2017-11-27Use LIST_SEPARATOR rather than escaping in ExternalProject_AddPetr Hosek
2017-11-27Revert r319069 - [cmake] Pass -Wl,-z,nodelete on Linux to prevent unloadingMichal Gorny
2017-11-27Add opt-viewer testingAdam Nemet
2017-11-27[cmake] Pass -Wl,-z,nodelete on Linux to prevent unloadingMichal Gorny
2017-11-17[CMake] Allow for Solaris ld -V output on stdoutMichal Gorny
2017-11-16[globalisel][tablegen] Generate rule coverage and use it to identify untested...Daniel Sanders
2017-11-14CMake: Turn LLVM_ENABLE_LIBXML2 into a tri-state optionHans Wennborg
2017-11-13Move the setting of LLVM_BUILD_MODE to a macro so that we can re-use it in co...Greg Bedwell
2017-11-09Add a Cross-compilation toolchain file for MSVC.Zachary Turner
2017-11-09[CMake] Passthrough CMAKE_SYSROOT to external projectsPetr Hosek