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2018-02-26Merging r325946:Hans Wennborg
2017-12-28[bindings/go] fix vet errorsAndrew Wilkins
2017-11-02Update go bindings to use new functions from rL317135.Sam McCall
2017-11-02Revert "Remove some of the go specific C bindings for debug info now that the...Eric Christopher
2017-11-02Fix for go bindings header to match previous commit.Eric Christopher
2017-11-02Remove some of the go specific C bindings for debug info now that they've bee...Eric Christopher
2017-10-15Reverting r315590; it did not include changes for llvm-tblgen, which is causi...Aaron Ballman
2017-10-12[dump] Remove NDEBUG from test to enable dump methods [NFC]Don Hinton
2017-07-28Update the Go bindings for r309426 (remove offset from llvm.dbg.value)Adrian Prantl
2017-07-27[OCaml] Fix undefined reference to LLVMDumpType() with NDEBUGMichal Gorny
2017-06-28[NFC] Remove multiple semicolonsMandeep Singh Grang
2017-06-08[Go] Subtypes functionAndrew Wilkins
2017-06-05[LLVM-C] [OCaml] Expose Type::subtypes.whitequark
2017-04-20[go bindings] Rmove duplicated conversion function definitions after r300843.Benjamin Kramer
2017-04-17Introducing LLVMMetadataRefAmaury Sechet
2017-03-31Go binding: Add GetCurrentDebugLocation to obtain debug location from builderAndrew Wilkins
2017-03-08[DebugInfo] Emit address space with DW_AT_address_class attribute for pointer...Konstantin Zhuravlyov
2017-02-17Go binding: Add methods for missing PassManagerBuilder C APIsAndrew Wilkins
2016-12-15Fix go bindings after r289702 (hopefully, don't really know how to buildDaniel Jasper
2016-11-18Fix go binding to adapt the new attribute APIAmaury Sechet
2016-11-12[OCaml] Adapt to the new attribute C API.whitequark
2016-11-07Remove Go Attribute type that was deleted from the C API in r286062.David L. Jones
2016-11-06Also delete the go side of the bindings deleted in r286085/r286086.Daniel Jasper
2016-11-06Delete one more function that needs to go after r286062.Daniel Jasper
2016-11-06Remove functions from go bindings that have been deleted in r286062.Daniel Jasper
2016-10-20[Go bindings] Update for r284678 API changes.Benjamin Kramer
2016-10-18DebugInfo: change alignment type from uint64_t to uint32_t to save space.Victor Leschuk
2016-09-30cmake: Install the OCaml libraries into a more correct pathMichal Gorny
2016-09-06Formatting with clang-format patch r280700Leny Kholodov
2016-09-06Fix for Bindings/Go/go.test after patch r280700Leny Kholodov
2016-09-05[CMake] [OCaml] Allow building OCaml bindings out of tree.Peter Zotov
2016-06-22[OCaml] Add functions for accessing metadata nodes.Peter Zotov
2016-06-15Remove the ScalarReplAggregates passDavid Majnemer
2016-04-14Remove every uses of getGlobalContext() in LLVM (but the C API)Mehdi Amini
2016-04-10[OCaml] Expose the LLVM diagnostic handlerJeroen Ketema
2016-04-01[OCaml] Use LLVMCreateMessage with constant strings when calling llvm_raiseJeroen Ketema
2016-04-01[OCaml] Reinstate data_layoutJeroen Ketema
2016-03-31Silence warnings in OCaml bindingsJeroen Ketema
2016-03-15bindings/go: reinstate TargetMachine.TargetDataAndrew Wilkins
2016-02-16Kill LLVMAddTargetDataAmaury Sechet
2016-02-12Remove LLVMGetTargetMachineData leftovers.Benjamin Kramer
2016-02-12Remove LLVMGetTargetMachineData in go-binding.Haojian Wu
2016-01-26Remove autoconf supportChris Bieneman
2015-12-18Deprecate a few C APIs.Rafael Espindola
2015-12-18Reorganize the C API headers to improve build times.Eric Christopher
2015-12-16Change linkInModule to take a std::unique_ptr.Rafael Espindola
2015-11-09Fix `llvm-config` to adapt to the install environment.Richard Diamond
2015-11-05DI: Reverse direction of subprogram -> function edge.Peter Collingbourne
2015-10-21[OCaml] Expose Llvm.{set_,}unnamed_addr.Peter Zotov
2015-10-15Remove DIFile from createSubroutineType.Eric Christopher