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2017-09-18Add myself to CREDITS.txtAlex Bradbury
2017-07-01Another test commitTeresa Johnson
2017-07-01Still debuggingTeresa Johnson
2017-07-01Still test commitTeresa Johnson
2017-07-01Another test commitTeresa Johnson
2017-06-30CREDITS.TXT: Update myself.NAKAMURA Takumi
2017-06-24Another test commitAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Still debuggingAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Still test commitAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Another test commitAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Another test commitAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Test commitAnton Korobeynikov
2017-06-24Test commit: update my emailAnton Korobeynikov
2017-05-14update of the urlSylvestre Ledru
2017-03-10CODE_OWNERS: Take code ownership of instruction scheduling.Matthias Braun
2017-02-06Revert r294228Jon Chesterfield
2017-02-06Test commit accessJon Chesterfield
2016-12-14Revert revision 289721.Jan Sjodin
2016-12-14Dummy commit.Jan Sjodin
2016-11-24Test Commit, removing a blank line in CREDITS.TXTAbhilash Bhandari
2016-11-14Give SLP vectorizer credit where it's due.Michael Kuperstein
2016-11-01Test Commit, removed extraneous newlineErich Keane
2016-08-04Shamelessly add myself to CREDITS.TXTAdrian Prantl
2016-05-10Update my email address. Nadav Rotem
2016-05-02Fix typosPiotr Padlewski
2016-04-29Add credit [Test commit]Piotr Padlewski
2015-06-29[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backendDan Gohman
2014-08-25Rise from the dead and update personal infoBruno Cardoso Lopes
2014-08-21add self to creditsEric Fiselier
2014-08-09Test commit accessRoman Kashitsyn
2014-05-29Update Credits.Chad Rosier
2014-05-28Update CREDITS to be at least moderately more current.Jim Grosbach
2014-04-10Test commit.Louis Gerbarg
2013-12-20Fix documentation typosAlp Toker
2013-11-17Update CREDITSAlp Toker
2013-11-15Update contact information.Chad Rosier
2013-11-13Fix typo + add URLSylvestre Ledru
2013-09-27Update.Bill Wendling
2013-08-16Test commit.Richard Mitton
2013-06-18Identify me on IRC.Bill Wendling
2013-05-09Test commit.Kai Nacke
2013-04-11Add myself in the CREDITS.TXTSylvestre Ledru
2013-04-10Move info to CREDITS.TXT file.Bill Wendling
2013-03-18UpdateBill Wendling
2013-03-12Reflect reality.Bill Wendling
2013-03-01Fix my email address in CREDITS.TXT.Stefanus Du Toit
2012-11-29Update my email address.Dan Gohman
2012-11-16Finally add myself to the credits.Craig Topper
2012-11-16Update credits file regarding SROA work... Also include my other primaryChandler Carruth
2012-11-14Update my email address and update the code ownershipNadav Rotem