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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-26Update my email addresses, NFC.Simon Dardis
2017-08-24[ARC] Add ARC backend.Pete Couperus
2017-08-23Updated my email address.Greg Clayton
2017-06-30Remove the BBVectorize pass.Chandler Carruth
2017-06-24[CODE_OWNERS] Add my other email address since my commits are now using my wo...Craig Topper
2017-03-10CODE_OWNERS: Take code ownership of instruction scheduling.Matthias Braun
2017-03-10CODE_OWNERS: Sort namesMatthias Braun
2017-02-15Collapse my two entries in CODE_OWNERS.txtTeresa Johnson
2017-02-09CODE_OWNERS: Update email addressTom Stellard
2017-02-08Take code ownership of LLVM bitcode.Peter Collingbourne
2017-02-08Update CODE_OWNERS with my new email addressDylan McKay
2016-12-02CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of IR Linker as discussed on llvm-devTeresa Johnson
2016-11-30CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of Loop Strenght Reduce.Quentin Colombet
2016-11-12CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the X86 backend.Craig Topper
2016-11-08CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the loop vectorizer.Michael Kuperstein
2016-11-01[RISCV] Add stub backendAlex Bradbury
2016-09-15Take ownership of libLTO as discussed on llvm-dev.Peter Collingbourne
2016-09-05CODE_OWNERS: bring my entry up to datewhitequark
2016-08-02test commitAlbert Gutowski
2016-07-23CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the MIPS backendSimon Dardis
2016-07-21Transfer ownership of the XCore backend.Richard Osborne
2016-07-05Transfer ownership of the gold plugin.Rafael Espindola
2016-05-26Sort my entry in CODE_OWNERS.TXTHans Wennborg
2016-05-26Add myself as the code owner for SCEV and IndVarSimplifySanjoy Das
2016-05-20CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of SelectionDAGJustin Bogner
2016-05-10Update my email address. Nadav Rotem
2016-04-01Update owners to reflect recent changesDavid Blaikie
2016-03-28[lanai] Add Lanai backend.Jacques Pienaar
2016-03-08Add self to CODE_OWNERSHans Wennborg
2016-01-30[docs] Remove references to autotools build.Alexey Samsonov
2015-12-19The PS4 baton passes.Paul Robinson
2015-12-03Friendly takeover of the Hexagon backendKrzysztof Parzyszek
2015-10-28Add myself as the the code owner for the AVR backendDylan McKay
2015-10-26Switch ownership of miscellaneous ARM target to myself.Tim Northover
2015-09-07CODE_OWNERS.TXT is supposed to be sorted by surnameDavid Majnemer
2015-08-12Add myself as the InstCombine owner.David Majnemer
2015-06-29[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backendDan Gohman
2015-05-05Added Andrey Churbanov as the owner of the OpenMP runtime library codeAndrey Churbanov
2015-04-20Add myself as the Constant Folder owner.David Majnemer
2015-03-16Tom is also responsible for the 3.6 branch.Joerg Sonnenberger
2015-03-05[CODE_OWNERS] Change the ownership of register allocators.Quentin Colombet
2015-01-28Assume code ownership for the PS4 to ensure patches get reviewed, per the Dev...Alex Rosenberg
2015-01-24BPF backendAlexei Starovoitov
2014-12-18Add myself as SystemZ code ownerUlrich Weigand
2014-12-12Tom Stellard is now the code owner for libclc.Peter Collingbourne
2014-12-11Try again at sorting entries in CODE_OWNERSJustin Bogner
2014-12-11Fix some incorrectly sorted entries in CODE_OWNERSJustin Bogner
2014-12-11Add code owners for profiling and coverageJustin Bogner
2014-12-08Make myself the code owner for llgo.Peter Collingbourne
2014-09-12Add Tom Stellard's role as 3.5 release manager.Joerg Sonnenberger