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2018-03-28perf stat: Fix CVS output format for non-supported countersIlya Pronin
2018-03-28selftests/x86/ptrace_syscall: Fix for yet more glibc interferenceAndy Lutomirski
2018-03-24libbpf: prefer global symbols as bpf program name sourceRoman Gushchin
2018-03-21selftests/x86/entry_from_vm86: Add test cases for POPFAndy Lutomirski
2018-03-21selftests/x86/entry_from_vm86: Exit with 1 if we failAndy Lutomirski
2018-03-19rcutorture/configinit: Fix build directory error messageSeongJae Park
2018-03-19tools/usbip: fixes build with musl libc toolchainJulien BOIBESSOT
2018-03-19perf annotate: Fix objdump comment parsing for Intel mov dissassemblyThomas Richter
2018-03-19perf annotate: Fix unnecessary memory allocation for s390xThomas Richter
2018-03-19perf report: Fix -D output for user metadata eventsArnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2018-03-19test_firmware: fix setting old custom fw path back on exitLuis R. Rodriguez
2018-03-15objtool: Fix 32-bit buildJosh Poimboeuf
2018-03-15objtool: Fix another switch table detection issueJosh Poimboeuf
2018-03-15objtool: Add module specific retpoline rulesPeter Zijlstra
2018-03-15objtool: Add retpoline validationPeter Zijlstra
2018-03-15objtool: Use existing global variables for optionsPeter Zijlstra
2018-03-15perf tools: Fix trigger class trigger_on()Adrian Hunter
2018-03-11bpf: allow xadd only on aligned memoryDaniel Borkmann
2018-03-11bpf, arm64: fix out of bounds access in tail callDaniel Borkmann
2018-02-22selftests/x86/mpx: Fix incorrect bounds with old _sigfaultRui Wang
2018-02-22objtool: Fix segfault in ignore_unreachable_insn()Josh Poimboeuf
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Disable tests requiring 32-bit support on pure 64-bit systemsDominik Brodowski
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Do not rely on "int $0x80" in single_step_syscall.cDominik Brodowski
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Do not rely on "int $0x80" in test_mremap_vdso.cDominik Brodowski
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Fix build bug caused by the 5lvl test which has been moved to ...Dominik Brodowski
2018-02-22selftests/x86/pkeys: Remove unused functionsIngo Molnar
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Clean up and document sscanf() usageDominik Brodowski
2018-02-22selftests/x86: Fix vDSO selftest segfault for vsyscall=noneDominik Brodowski
2018-02-22kselftest: fix OOM in memory compaction testArnd Bergmann
2018-02-22selftests: seccomp: fix compile error seccomp_bpfAnders Roxell
2018-02-16objtool: Fix switch-table detectionPeter Zijlstra
2018-02-07objtool: Warn on stripped section symbolJosh Poimboeuf
2018-02-07objtool: Add support for alternatives at the end of a sectionJosh Poimboeuf
2018-02-07objtool: Improve retpoline alternative handlingJosh Poimboeuf
2018-02-03usbip: list: don't list devices attached to vhci_hcdShuah Khan
2018-02-03usbip: prevent bind loops on devices attached to vhci_hcdShuah Khan
2018-02-03tools/gpio: Fix build error with musl libcJoel Stanley
2018-01-19Merge git:// Torvalds
2018-01-18Merge git:// S. Miller
2018-01-17bpf: mark dst unknown on inconsistent {s, u}bounds adjustmentsDaniel Borkmann
2018-01-17Merge branch 'x86-pti-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2018-01-16bpf: reject stores into ctx via st and xaddDaniel Borkmann
2018-01-16Merge git:// Torvalds
2018-01-16objtool: Improve error message for bad file argumentJosh Poimboeuf
2018-01-14Merge branch 'x86-pti-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2018-01-13tools/objtool/Makefile: don't assume is executableAndrew Morton
2018-01-13selftests/x86: Add test_vsyscallAndy Lutomirski
2018-01-12objtool: Allow alternatives to be ignoredJosh Poimboeuf
2018-01-12objtool: Detect jumps to retpoline thunksJosh Poimboeuf
2018-01-10bpf: arsh is not supported in 32 bit alu thus reject itDaniel Borkmann