AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-25arm64: Allow reference symbols in alt-seqs to be in kernel-data.linux-4.16.12-ampChristoph Muellner
2019-02-25arm64: Add additional comment about the retpoline sequence.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-24arm64: retpoline: Don't use retpoline in KVM's HYP part.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-18arm64: retpoline: Fix mistake in arm64/lib Makefile.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-18arm64: retpoline: Only compile retpolines if CONFIG_RETPOLINE is set.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29[NOUPSTREAM] Verification helper for retpoline enablement.v4.16.12-ampChristoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: Provide spectre v2 status via generic CPU vulnerability folder.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: Use alternative framework for retpoline.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: alternatives: Add support for adr/adrp with offset in alt block.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: insn: Add offset getter/setter for adr.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: Add MIDR_APM_POTENZA.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: asm: Use *_nospec variants for blr and br.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: Add initial retpoline support.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29x86: Move x86-retpoline CFLAGS into x86 Makefile.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29[noupstream] Add gryphon support.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: Make the Kconfig option default yCatalin Marinas
2018-05-29arm64:ilp32: add ARM64_ILP32 to KconfigAndrew Pinski
2018-05-29arm64:ilp32: add vdso-ilp32 and use for signal returnPhilipp Tomsich
2018-05-29arm64: ptrace: handle ptrace_request differently for aarch32 and ilp32Yury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: introduce ilp32-specific sigframe and ucontextYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: signal32: move ilp32 and aarch32 common code to separated fileYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: signal: share lp64 signal structures and routines to ilp32Yury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: add sys_ilp32.c and a separate table (in entry.S) to use itAndrew Pinski
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: share aarch32 syscall handlersYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: introduce binfmt_ilp32.cYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: change compat_elf_hwcap and compat_elf_hwcap2 prefix to a32Yury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: introduce binfmt_elf32.cYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: add is_ilp32_compat_{task,thread} and TIF_32BIT_AARCH64Yury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: introduce is_a32_task and is_a32_thread (for AArch32 compat)Yury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: uapi: set __BITS_PER_LONG correctly for ILP32 and LP64Andrew Pinski
2018-05-29arm64: rename functions that reference compat termYury Norov
2018-05-29arm64: rename COMPAT to AARCH32_EL0 in KconfigAndrew Pinski
2018-05-29arm64: ilp32: add documentation on the ILP32 ABI for ARM64Yury Norov
2018-05-29thread: move thread bits accessors to separated fileYury Norov
2018-05-29asm-generic: Drop getrlimit and setrlimit syscalls from default listYury Norov
2018-05-2932-bit userspace ABI: introduce ARCH_32BIT_OFF_T config optionYury Norov
2018-05-29compat ABI: use non-compat openat and open_by_handle_at variantsYury Norov
2018-05-29ptrace: Add compat PTRACE_{G,S}ETSIGMASK handlersJames Morse
2018-05-29arm64: signal: Make parse_user_sigframe() independent of rt_sigframe layoutDave Martin
2018-05-25Linux 4.16.12Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-05-25rtc: goldfish: Add missing MODULE_LICENSEJames Hogan
2018-05-25rtc: rp5c01: fix possible race conditionAlexandre Belloni
2018-05-25rtc: tx4939: avoid unintended sign extension on a 24 bit shiftColin Ian King
2018-05-25rtc: m41t80: fix race conditionsAlexandre Belloni
2018-05-25rtc: rk808: fix possible race conditionAlexandre Belloni
2018-05-25rtc: hctosys: Ensure system time doesn't overflow time_tAlexandre Belloni
2018-05-25rtc: snvs: Fix usage of snvs_rtc_enableBryan O'Donoghue
2018-05-25serial: altera: ensure port->regshift is honored consistentlyUwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2018-05-25serial: 8250: Don't service RX FIFO if interrupts are disabledVignesh R
2018-05-25serial: arc_uart: Fix out-of-bounds access through DT aliasGeert Uytterhoeven