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2017-12-12[libcxxabi] Pass LIBCXXABI_SYSROOT and LIBCXXABI_GCC_TOOLCHAIN to litPetr Hosek
2017-11-22[demangler] Support for abi_tag attributeErik Pilkington
2017-11-21[demangler] Document some features that the demangler doesn't yet support, NFCErik Pilkington
2017-08-09Mark test as unsupported c++98/03 to fix buildbotsErik Pilkington
2017-08-09[demangler] Improve representation of substitutions/templatesErik Pilkington
2017-08-06[demangler] Fix another oss-fuzz bugErik Pilkington
2017-08-01[demangler] Fix another bug found by oss-fuzz in r309340Erik Pilkington
2017-07-30[demangler] Fix some bugs in r309340 found by oss-fuzzErik Pilkington
2017-07-28[demangler] Use an AST to represent demangled namesErik Pilkington
2017-07-13[demangler] Respect try_to_parse_template_argsErik Pilkington
2017-07-06Fix incomplete type test on OS X; workaround weird DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH behaviorEric Fiselier
2017-06-22Add some catch(...) blocks to the tests so that if they fail, we get a good e...Marshall Clow
2017-05-28[demangler] Fix a exponential string copying bugErik Pilkington
2017-05-24__cxa_demangle: Fix constructor cv qualifier handlingTamas Berghammer
2017-05-24[demangler] Fix a crash in the demangler during parsing of a lamdbaErik Pilkington
2017-05-16[libcxxabi] Fix the test case committed in r303175.Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-16[libcxxabi] Align unwindHeader on a double-word boundary.Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-14Revert r302978 and r302981.Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-13[libcxxabi] Align unwindHeader on a double-word boundary.Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-11Revert "[libcxxabi] Align unwindHeader on a double-word boundary."Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-11[libcxxabi] Align unwindHeader on a double-word boundary.Akira Hatanaka
2017-05-10Fix use of now removed %exec test substitutionEric Fiselier
2017-05-10Fix use of removed SH test replacement %execEric Fiselier
2017-05-09XFAIL noexcept member function throw/catch test under GCC.Eric Fiselier
2017-04-20Fix PR25874 - cxa_thread_atexit_test.pass.cpp has an incorrect XFAIL.Eric Fiselier
2017-04-04Fix exception address alignment test for EHABIAsiri Rathnayake
2017-03-30[libc++abi] Delete config.hShoaib Meenai
2017-03-04Add missing UNSUPPORTED for -fno-exception modeEric Fiselier
2017-03-04Attempt to suppress test failures on OS XEric Fiselier
2017-03-04[libcxxabi] Fix alignment of allocated exceptions in 32 bit buildsEric Fiselier
2017-03-04Fix PR25874 - Detect features required for cxa_thread_atexit_test.pass.cppEric Fiselier
2017-02-27Attempt to fix arm-native libcxxabi tests for the no-exceptions variantAsiri Rathnayake
2017-02-17Fix test_exception_storage.pass.cpp in C++17 my re-enabling the unexpected ha...Eric Fiselier
2017-02-09Fix path to libc++'s python test moduleEric Fiselier
2017-01-31Add support for demangling C++11 thread_local variables. In clang, the gramma...David Bozier
2017-01-27Fix ASAN failure in cxa_demangleMehdi Amini
2017-01-24cxa_demangle: fix rvalue ref checkSaleem Abdulrasool
2017-01-24cxa_demangle: avoid butchering the last parameter typeSaleem Abdulrasool
2017-01-24Remove all usages of REQUIRES-ANY in the test suite.Eric Fiselier
2017-01-20Fix catch_reference_nullptr.pass.cpp test for GCC.Eric Fiselier
2017-01-18Revert r286788Jonathan Roelofs
2017-01-16Mark the dynamic-exception tests as unsupported under C++17, since it has no ...Marshall Clow
2017-01-09[libcxxabi] Cleanup and adapt for r291275. NFC.Asiri Rathnayake
2017-01-03[libcxxabi] Introduce an externally threaded libc++abi variant.Asiri Rathnayake
2016-12-24Suppress unreachable code warning in unwind testsEric Fiselier
2016-12-24Fix warnings in libc++abi testsEric Fiselier
2016-12-13[libc++abi] Mark failing test on Darwin as XFAILShoaib Meenai
2016-12-11Fix signed comparison warningEric Fiselier
2016-12-11Workaround the removal of dynamic exception specifications in C++17Eric Fiselier
2016-12-02Check for SD-6 feature test macro when determining which tests should beRichard Smith