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2018-02-15Merging r325147:llvm_60-amp-20180630release_60-f1b37feef3d-amp-20180630Hans Wennborg
2018-02-06Merging r324153:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-17Merging r321963:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-03Mark LWG2824 as complete. We already did it, but I added a test to be sureMarshall Clow
2018-01-03Implement p0258r2: has_unique_object_representationsMarshall Clow
2017-12-20Fix the definitions of 'reference' and 'pointer' in string_view that no one u...Marshall Clow
2017-12-19libcxx: Fix for basic_stringbuf::seekoff() after r320604.Peter Collingbourne
2017-12-13[libcxx] Fix basic_stringbuf constructorZhihao Yuan
2017-12-13[libcxx] [test] Fix line endings, avoid unnecessary non-ASCII.Stephan T. Lavavej
2017-12-13[libcxx] [test] Fix MSVC warnings, null pointer deref.Stephan T. Lavavej
2017-12-12[libcxx] P0604, invoke_result and is_invocableZhihao Yuan
2017-12-11[libcxx] Define istream_iterator equality comparison operators out-of-lineRoger Ferrer Ibanez
2017-12-07[libcxx] [test] Strip trailing whitespace. NFC.Stephan T. Lavavej
2017-12-05Land D28253 which fixes PR28929 (which we mistakenly marked as fixed before)Marshall Clow
2017-12-04Commit tests for changes in revision 319710Marshall Clow
2017-12-04Ooops. I checked in a test for a bug I haven't fixed yet. Temporrarily commen...Marshall Clow
2017-12-04Implement P0457R2: 'String Prefix and Suffix Checking' for c++2aMarshall Clow
2017-12-04Fix PR#35948: generate_n does not accept floating point Size arguments.Marshall Clow
2017-12-01Include AddLLVM needed for tests in the right contextPetr Hosek
2017-11-27Fix problems with r'890 when building on machines where sizeof(size_t) != siz...Marshall Clow
2017-11-27Revert commit removing allocator support from packaged_task. Will investigate...Marshall Clow
2017-11-27Implement LWG#2921 and LWG#2976 - removing allocator support from packaged_task.Marshall Clow
2017-11-27Fix PR#35438 - bitset constructor does not zero unused bitsMarshall Clow
2017-11-27Fix failure on C++03 botsMarshall Clow
2017-11-27Implement LWG#2948: unique_ptr does not define operator<< for stream outputMarshall Clow
2017-11-26More of P0600; marking allocation routines as [[nodiscard]]Marshall Clow
2017-11-26Fix copy/paste bug in test where we were putting a '3' into a vector<bool>. NFC.Marshall Clow
2017-11-23Add additional 'UNSUPPORTED' to the test case.Marshall Clow
2017-11-23Add [[nodiscard]] to std::async as part of P0600.Marshall Clow
2017-11-22[libcxx] Implement std::to_address for C++20Eric Fiselier
2017-11-22Implement p0137r1 - std::launder. Reviewed as Clow
2017-11-22[libcxx][fixup] Mark std::basic_istream::getline tests as failing for previou...Volodymyr Sapsai
2017-11-22[libcxx] Make std::basic_istream::getline 0-terminate input array in case of ...Volodymyr Sapsai
2017-11-22Add another test_macros.h include I missed to Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-22Add some tests for operations on const associative containers. Part of LWG#2542Marshall Clow
2017-11-21Replace assert(true) in tests with actual asserts. Reviewed as https://review...Billy Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-21Add missing test_macros.h inclusion.Billy Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-21Change (void) casts to TEST_IGNORE_NODISCARD, as requested by Eric. Reviewed ...Billy Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-19[libc++] Shrink variant's index type when possibleEric Fiselier
2017-11-19Fix nodiscard test when modules are enabledEric Fiselier
2017-11-16More of P0600 - '[[nodiscard]] in the Library' mark empty() as nodiscard in f...Marshall Clow
2017-11-16More of P0600 - '[[nodiscard]] in the Library' mark empty() as nodiscard in m...Marshall Clow
2017-11-15More of P0600 - '[[nodiscard]] in the Library' mark empty() as nodiscard in s...Marshall Clow
2017-11-15[test] Alignment must be > __STDCPP_DEFAULT_NEW_ALIGNMENT__ to call aligned newCasey Carter
2017-11-15Clean up the tests for free data(), size() and empty()Marshall Clow
2017-11-15Tolerate even more [[nodiscard]] in the STL. Reviewed as https://reviews.llvm...Billy Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-15Tolerate [[nodiscard]] annotations in the STL. Reviewed as https://reviews.ll...Billy Robert O'Neal III
2017-11-15First part of P0600 - '[[nodiscard] in the standard library'. Mark the 'empty...Marshall Clow
2017-11-15Still more missing tests - this time for the unordered containersMarshall Clow
2017-11-15Named the macro wrong in the test.Marshall Clow