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2018-02-12Merging r324855:Hans Wennborg
2018-01-03Drop 'svn' suffix from the version number.Hans Wennborg
2017-12-01Include AddLLVM needed for tests in the right contextPetr Hosek
2017-10-09[libc++] Support Microsoft ABI without vcruntime headersShoaib Meenai
2017-10-05[libc++] Clarify names of ABI forcing macrosShoaib Meenai
2017-10-04[libc++] Move cache variable definition. NFCShoaib Meenai
2017-10-04[libc++] Allow users to explicitly specify ABIShoaib Meenai
2017-10-04[libc++] Add site config option for ABI macrosShoaib Meenai
2017-09-19Resubmit "Fix llvm-lit script generation in libcxx."Zachary Turner
2017-09-19Revert "Fix llvm-lit script generation in libcxx."Zachary Turner
2017-09-19Fix llvm-lit script generation in libcxx.Zachary Turner
2017-09-14[libc++] Prevent stale site configuration headersShoaib Meenai
2017-07-19Update _LIBCPP_VERSION and the version in CMakeLists to 6.0Hans Wennborg
2017-07-11[libcxx][CMake] Add install path variable to allow overriding the destinationPetr Hosek
2017-06-20Fix discovery of cxxabi.h in the monorepo layoutReid Kleckner
2017-05-25Add <experimental/coroutine>Eric Fiselier
2017-05-04test commitEric Fiselier
2017-05-04test commitEric Fiselier
2017-05-04[libcxx][CMake] Set library dir when built under runtimes/Jonas Hahnfeld
2017-05-03CMake: Only add test/ subdirectory when it existsDuncan P. N. Exon Smith
2017-04-20[libc++] Default to vcruntime when targeting MSVCShoaib Meenai
2017-04-20Disable the filesystem library on Windows by defaultEric Fiselier
2017-04-16[CMake][libcxx] Fix the --target and --gcc-toolchain flag handlingPetr Hosek
2017-04-13[libc++] Explicitly set output directory for DLLShoaib Meenai
2017-04-03suppress GCC warning about noexcept functions changing manglingEric Fiselier
2017-03-25[libc++] Fix some comment typosShoaib Meenai
2017-03-25[libc++] Fix word transposition in commentShoaib Meenai
2017-03-25[libc++] Fix capitalization in commentShoaib Meenai
2017-03-25[libc++] Update package versionShoaib Meenai
2017-03-11Change test coverage generation to use llvm-cov instead of gcov.Eric Fiselier
2017-03-02Work around GCC linking errors within libc++abi due to missing new/delete def...Eric Fiselier
2017-03-02[libc++] Add option to disable new/delete overloads when libc++abi provides t...Eric Fiselier
2017-03-01Generate the test configuration even when LIBCXX_INCLUDE_TESTS=OFF.Eric Fiselier
2017-02-10Recommit "Split exception.cpp and new.cpp implementation into different files...Eric Fiselier
2017-02-10Revert "Split exception.cpp and new.cpp implementation into different files f...Eric Fiselier
2017-02-10Correctly default to using the system libc++abi on Apple.Eric Fiselier
2017-02-10Split exception.cpp and new.cpp implementation into different files for diffe...Eric Fiselier
2017-02-09[libcxx][CMake] Support in-tree libunwind when building as part of runtimesPetr Hosek
2017-02-05Remove CMake hackEric Fiselier
2017-02-04Recommit [libcxx] Never use <cassert> within libc++Eric Fiselier
2017-01-24Revert "[libcxx] Never use <cassert> within libc++"Eric Fiselier
2017-01-24[libcxx] Never use <cassert> within libc++Eric Fiselier
2017-01-17Don't strip -m32 from the user provide command line flags. This fixes the com...Eric Fiselier
2017-01-16Improve CMake and LIT support for WindowsEric Fiselier
2017-01-16Reland "[CMake][libcxx] Check that we have libcxxabi before using it"Petr Hosek
2017-01-16Reland "[CMake][libcxx] Do not rely on the existence of c++abi or unwind targ...Petr Hosek
2017-01-16Reland "[CMake][libcxx] Move Python check to main CMake file"Petr Hosek
2017-01-14[libc++][CMake] Use debug MSVC runtimes when libc++ is built in debug modeEric Fiselier
2017-01-14[libc++] [CMake] Link with /nodefaultlibs on WindowsEric Fiselier
2017-01-11Revert "[CMake][libcxx] Move Python check to main CMake file"Petr Hosek