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2018-07-23Reapply "[XRay] Remove scheduling dependency in"Matthew Voss
2018-07-23[libFuzzer] Handle unstable edges by using minimum hit countsMax Moroz
2018-07-20Change the cap on the amount of padding for each vtable to 32-byte (previousl...Peter Collingbourne
2018-07-20[libFuzzer] Use separate test directory for each configJoel E. Denny
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] when -print_coverage=1 is given, print more stats (the number of ...Kostya Serebryany
2018-07-19[profile] Fix typo in testTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[profile] Add interface to get profile filenameTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[compiler-rt] Only set lto_flags if lto_supportedTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[compiler-rt] Add NewPM testing to CFI testsTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[XRay][compiler-rt] Profiling: No files when emptyDean Michael Berris
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] quick hack to fix the botKostya Serebryany
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] first experimental attempt at DFT-based mutations (DFT=data-flow-...Kostya Serebryany
2018-07-19Remove scheduling dependency from XRay :: Posix/fork_basic_logging.ccMatthew Voss
2018-07-18Rename __asan_gen_* symbols to ___asan_gen_*.Peter Collingbourne
2018-07-18[XRay][compiler-rt] FDR Mode: Allow multiple runsDean Michael Berris
2018-07-17[libFuzzer] Mutation tracking and logging implemented.Max Moroz
2018-07-17libFuzzer: prevent irrelevant strings from leaking into auto-dictionaryMatt Morehouse
2018-07-16[libFuzzer] Avoid STL in MSan test.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-16Revert r337194 ( due to compilation errors.Max Moroz
2018-07-16[cmake][libFuzzer] fixup r337193 to ensure msan/dfsan are not addedAlex Lorenz
2018-07-16[libFuzzer] Mutation tracking and logging implemented.Max Moroz
2018-07-16[libFuzzer] Add msan and dfsan to test deps.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-16[libFuzzer] Implement stat::stability_rate based on the percentage of unstabl...Max Moroz
2018-07-16Revert r337175 ( due to unintentional format ...Max Moroz
2018-07-16[libFuzzer] Implement stat::stability_rate based on the percentage of unstabl...Max Moroz
2018-07-16[gcov] Add a test showing differences in line counts when building with or wi...Marco Castelluccio
2018-07-16Add a test with __gcov_flush called before terminating the program.Marco Castelluccio
2018-07-13[UBSan] Followup for silence_unsigned_overflow flag to handle negate overflows.Max Moroz
2018-07-13Add a test with multiple BBs on the same lineMarco Castelluccio
2018-07-13Remove `tsan/Darwin/` test.Dan Liew
2018-07-13[XRay][compiler-rt] Add PID field to llvm-xray tool and add PID metadata reco...Dean Michael Berris
2018-07-13[XRay][compiler-rt] Profiling Mode: Flush logs on exitDean Michael Berris
2018-07-13[fuzzer] [tests] Increase the number of iterations for three-bytes.testGeorge Karpenkov
2018-07-12Simplify instrprof-dlopen-dlclose-gcov.test to avoid failures on Aarch64.Marco Castelluccio
2018-07-12[SanitizerCoverage] Add associated metadata to 8-bit counters.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-12[libFuzzer] If LLD available, require it to build first.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-12[libFuzzer] Use lld-available for gc-sections.test.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-12[XRay][compiler-rt] Fixup: require x86_64 for profiling mode testsDean Michael Berris
2018-07-11[FileCheck] Add -allow-deprecated-dag-overlap to another compiler-rt testJoel E. Denny
2018-07-11[FileCheck] Add -allow-deprecated-dag-overlap to failing compiler-rt testsJoel E. Denny
2018-07-11Remove ppc64 BE XFAILs now that gcov profiling works, after starting a cleanZaara Syeda
2018-07-11Link to the correct bug number about the Mac failure for instrprof-shared-gco...Marco Castelluccio
2018-07-11Revert 336811, there are still some problems with the tests.Zaara Syeda
2018-07-11Remove ppc64 BE XFAILs now that gcov profiling works.Zaara Syeda
2018-07-11[XRay] basic mode PID and TID always fetchDean Michael Berris
2018-07-10[libFuzzer] Disable dataflow.test on AArch64.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-10Revert "[Fuzzer] Afl driver changing iterations handling"Matt Morehouse
2018-07-10Limit ASan non-executable-pc test case to x86 botsVlad Tsyrklevich
2018-07-10[asan] Disable non-execute test on s390Ulrich Weigand
2018-07-10Remove s390x XFAILs now that gcov profiling works.Ulrich Weigand