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2017-11-27[TSan] Do not run cond_cancel.c test on ppc64.Matt Morehouse
2017-11-21[XRay][compiler-rt] Migrate basic mode logging to the XRay frameworkDean Michael Berris
2017-11-20[tsan] Fix sigaction implementation when it's called only to get handlerVitaly Buka
2017-11-17Enable PDB generation with lld in asan and cfi tests on Windows.Peter Collingbourne
2017-11-17[libFuzzer] Fix flaky merge.test.Matt Morehouse
2017-11-16[asan] Properly mark or disable tests that only work with shadow scale of 3Walter Lee
2017-11-16[asan] Port tests to shadow scale of 5Walter Lee
2017-11-16[asan] Add lit feature to indicate compiler_rt's shadow scale valueWalter Lee
2017-11-16[libFuzzer] Make merge-sigusr.test work on Mac.Matt Morehouse
2017-11-16[libFuzzer] add more tests for mergeKostya Serebryany
2017-11-16Implement GetTls() for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-16[builtins][ARM] re-enable mulsc3_test.c on ArmPeter Smith
2017-11-16[libFuzzer] disable test/fuzzer/merge-sigusr.test on Mac while investigating ...Kostya Serebryany
2017-11-15[libFuzzer] respect max_len during mergeKostya Serebryany
2017-11-15[scudo] Soft and hard RSS limit checksKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-15[XRay][compiler-rt][x86_64] Align the stack before and after calling handlersDean Michael Berris
2017-11-14Adjust test after r318159Adam Nemet
2017-11-13[sanitizer] Relax stack check in even moreVitaly Buka
2017-11-13[tsan] Fix signal chainingVitaly Buka
2017-11-13[tsan] Deadly signal handler for tsanVitaly Buka
2017-11-13[sanitizer] Relax stack checkVitaly Buka
2017-11-13[asan] Add CMake hook to override shadow scale in compiler_rtWalter Lee
2017-11-13Allow compiler-rt test targets to work with multi-config CMake generatorsGreg Bedwell
2017-11-12[sanitizer] Simplify stack check in accert.ccVitaly Buka
2017-11-12[sanitizer] Try to see test output on armv7Vitaly Buka
2017-11-11[msan] Fix signal chainingVitaly Buka
2017-11-11[sanitizer] Include stack trace check into signal testsVitaly Buka
2017-11-11[ubsan] Fix ubsan tests broken by linking as C instead of C++Vitaly Buka
2017-11-10sanitizer_common: Try looking up symbols with RTLD_DEFAULT if RTLD_NEXT does ...Peter Collingbourne
2017-11-10Revert "[XRay][darwin] Initial XRay in Darwin Support"Dean Michael Berris
2017-11-10[XRay][darwin] Initial XRay in Darwin SupportDean Michael Berris
2017-11-10[msan] Deadly signal handler for msanVitaly Buka
2017-11-10[libFuzzer] trying to make sigusr tests more reliableKostya Serebryany
2017-11-10[libFuzzer] split a test into two Kostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] use pkill instead of killall in a test since the bots don't have ...Kostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] make sure to flush IO when done merging one fileKostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] Don't add leaking inputs to corpus.Matt Morehouse
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] handle SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2 and try to exit grafully on these signalsKostya Serebryany
2017-11-09Revert new ThinLTO ASAN test until lit support addedTeresa Johnson
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] allow merge to resume after being preempted Kostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] mechanically simplify a test, NFCKostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] fix a test (and hopefully, the bot)Kostya Serebryany
2017-11-09[libFuzzer] allow user to specify the merge control fileKostya Serebryany
2017-11-08Correct atexit(3) support in TSan/NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-08[ThinLTO] New test needs to require LTOTeresa Johnson
2017-11-08[ThinLTO] Ensure sanitizer passes are runTeresa Johnson
2017-11-08Revert "[ThinLTO] Ensure sanitizer passes are run"Teresa Johnson
2017-11-08[ThinLTO] Ensure sanitizer passes are runTeresa Johnson
2017-11-01[fuzzer] Script to detect unbalanced allocation in -trace_malloc outputVitaly Buka
2017-11-01[scudo] Fix standlone build -lrt requirementKostya Kortchinsky