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2018-01-03Hide some symbols to avoid a crash on shutdown when using code coverageMarco Castelluccio
2018-01-01[scudo] Touch memory to count as RSSJonas Hahnfeld
2017-12-28[msan] Intercept pthread_getname_np.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-28-fsanitize=vptr warnings on bad static types in dynamic_cast and typeidStephan Bergmann
2017-12-23[Sanitizers] Export aligned new/delete from runtimes.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-22[Sanitizers] Disable on Android until it's supported.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-22[MSan,TSan] Add aligned new/delete interceptors.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-21[ubsan] Diagnose noreturn functions which return (compiler-rt)Vedant Kumar
2017-12-20[hwasan] Implement -fsanitize-recover=hwaddress.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-20[hwasan] Remove --check-prefix=CHECK (NFC)Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-19[hwasan] Fix handling of store errors.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-19[hwasan] Remove unused -check-prefix in tests.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-18[PGO] Test case changes for D41059Xinliang David Li
2017-12-18[asan] Add interceptor for printf_chkMaxim Ostapenko
2017-12-18Revert r320977 "No -fsanitize=function warning when calling noexcept function...Stephan Bergmann
2017-12-18No -fsanitize=function warning when calling noexcept function through non-noe...Stephan Bergmann
2017-12-15[libFuzzer] make the tests depend on ubsanKostya Serebryany
2017-12-14[profile] Port the runtime to Solaris (retry)Vedant Kumar
2017-12-14Revert "(HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [profile] Port the runti...Vedant Kumar
2017-12-14[profile] Port the runtime to SolarisVedant Kumar
2017-12-14[scudo] Disabling the interface test on armhfKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-14[XRay][compiler-rt] Coalesce calls to mprotect to reduce patching overheadDean Michael Berris
2017-12-13[scudo] Adding a public Scudo interfaceKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-13[hwasan] Inline instrumentation & fixed shadow.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-12[libFuzzer] change the strategy for -experimental_len_control to grow max_len...Kostya Serebryany
2017-12-12[msan] LIT: Add lld testing configRoman Lebedev
2017-12-12[CMake] Support runtimes and monorepo layouts when looking for libcxxPetr Hosek
2017-12-10Update another sanitizer test for C++14.Ahmed Bougacha
2017-12-09[libFuzzer] even less aggressive step function for stack depth. Also don't us...Kostya Serebryany
2017-12-09Update sanitizer tests for C++14 default in ClangTim Northover
2017-12-09Revert change in test/msan/ for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Hardware-assisted AddressSanitizer (compiler-rt)Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-09Fix test/msan/ on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Fix test/msan/ on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Disable test/msan/ on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Disable test/msan/ on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Fix test/msan/ for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-09Disable test/msan/ on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-12-08Update test case for r320180Xinliang David Li
2017-12-08[ubsan] Test for pass_object_size bounds checksVedant Kumar
2017-12-07[PowerPC][asan] Update asan to handle changed memory layouts in newer kernelsBill Seurer
2017-12-07Test case update for D40873Xinliang David Li
2017-12-07[sanitizer] Simplify Stepanov
2017-12-05Revert test case change for r319794Xinliang David Li
2017-12-05[PGO] fix test case for D40702Xinliang David Li
2017-12-05[XRay][compiler-rt] Implement XRay Basic Mode FilteringDean Michael Berris
2017-12-05[XRay][compiler-rt] Implement logging implementation registrationDean Michael Berris
2017-12-04[ASan] Disable on Darwin.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-04[ASan] Fix test/asan/TestCases/Posix/invalid-pointer-pairs-threads.ccAlex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-04These tests require x86 80-bit doubles. Mark them so.Sterling Augustine