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2017-11-28[XRay][compiler-rt] Fix armhf buildDean Michael Berris
2017-11-28[XRay][compiler-rt] Fix runtime buildDean Michael Berris
2017-11-28[LSan] Fix one source of stale segments in the process memory mapping.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-11-28[LibFuzzer] Improve comments on `CounterToFeature()` function.Dan Liew
2017-11-28Support the setjmp(3) family of functions in TSan/NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-28[PowerPC][tsan] Update tsan to handle changed memory layouts in newer kernelsBill Seurer
2017-11-28[XRay][compiler-rt][Darwin] Minimal XRay build support in DarwinDean Michael Berris
2017-11-28Correct mangled_sp on NetBSD/amd64 in TSanKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-28Handle symbol renaming of sigaction for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-27[msan] Avoid shadowing a variable in common interceptors.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-11-27[scudo] Workaround for uninitialized Bionic globalsKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-27[fuchsia] Update Fuchsia with a new mmap implementation.Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-26Prevent Thread Exited/Joined events raceKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-26Detect thread termination in LSan/NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-25Plug dlerror() leak for swift_demangleKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-22[scudo] Overhaul hardware CRC32 feature detectionKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-21[scudo] Make getNumberOfCPUs Fuchsia compliant v2Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-21[sanitizer] Define SANITIZER_USE_GETAUXVAL for AndroidKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-21Correct NetBSD support in pthread_once(3)/TSanKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-21[XRay][compiler-rt] Migrate basic mode logging to the XRay frameworkDean Michael Berris
2017-11-21[XRay] Use optimistic logging model for FDR modeDean Michael Berris
2017-11-21[sanitizers] Add init function to set alignment of low level allocatorWalter Lee
2017-11-20[tsan] Fix sigaction implementation when it's called only to get handlerVitaly Buka
2017-11-20Try to fix syntax for !NetBSD in TSAN_INTERCEPTORsKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-20Handle NetBSD specific indirection of libpthread functionsKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-20Add DemangleFunctionName for backtracing on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-20[asan] Use dynamic shadow on 32-bit Android, try 2.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-11-20[sanitizer] New attempt at using runtime checks for Android loggingKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-20Correct return types of NetBSD specific functionsKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-20Handle NetBSD specific indirection of libpthread functionsKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-19[X86] Add cpu detection for cannonlake.Craig Topper
2017-11-18Revert "[asan] Use dynamic shadow on 32-bit Android" and 3 more.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-11-17[asan] Fix asan_device_setup on KitKat.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-11-17[fuzzer] Initialize PcDescr buffer before calling __sanitizer_symbolize_pcVitaly Buka
2017-11-16[asan] Properly mark or disable tests that only work with shadow scale of 3Walter Lee
2017-11-16[asan] Avoid assert failure for non-default shadow scaleWalter Lee
2017-11-16[sanitizer] Revert rL318410Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-16Implement GetTls() for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-16[asan] Ensure that the minimum redzone is at least SHADOW_GRANULARITYWalter Lee
2017-11-16[asan] Fix small X86_64 ShadowOffset for non-default shadow scaleWalter Lee
2017-11-16[sanitizer] Use runtime checks instead of API level for Android loggingKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-16[asan] Fallback to non-ifunc dynamic shadow on android<22.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-11-15[LSan] Export __lsan_initAlex Shlyapnikov
2017-11-15Fix some typos in a comment.Francis Ricci
2017-11-15libfuzzer: Fix file listing on some filesystemsKostya Serebryany
2017-11-15[libFuzzer] respect max_len during mergeKostya Serebryany
2017-11-15[scudo] Soft and hard RSS limit checksKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-15[XRay][compiler-rt][x86_64] Align the stack before and after calling handlersDean Michael Berris
2017-11-14[profile] Update to sync with llvmVedant Kumar
2017-11-14[scudo] Simplify initialization and flagsKostya Kortchinsky