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2017-12-14[scudo] Refactor ScudoChunkKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-13[scudo] Adding a public Scudo interfaceKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-13[sanitizer] Introduce a vDSO aware timing functionKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-13[scudo] Inline getScudoChunk function.Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-11[sanitizer] Revert rL320409Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-11[sanitizer] Introduce a vDSO aware time function, and use it in the allocator...Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-08[scudo] Minor code generation improvementKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-06[scudo] Correct performance regression in SecondaryKostya Kortchinsky
2017-12-05[scudo] Get rid of the thread local PRNG & header saltKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-29[scudo] Allow for compile-time choice of the SizeClassMapKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-27[scudo] Workaround for uninitialized Bionic globalsKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-22[scudo] Overhaul hardware CRC32 feature detectionKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-21[scudo] Make getNumberOfCPUs Fuchsia compliant v2Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-15[scudo] Soft and hard RSS limit checksKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-14[scudo] Simplify initialization and flagsKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-13[sanitizer] Update scudo to use new APIKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-10[scudo] Bump the Android API level requirement to 21 for getauxvalKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-09[sanitizer] Revert rL317822Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-09[scudo] Make getNumberOfCPUs Fuchsia compliantKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-08[sanitizer] Add Scudo to the sanitizer lint checks.Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-08Revert "[scudo] Make getNumberOfCPUs Fuchsia compliant"Reid Kleckner
2017-11-07[scudo] Make getNumberOfCPUs Fuchsia compliantKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-03[scudo] Rearrange #include orderKostya Kortchinsky
2017-11-01[scudo] Implement stricter separation of C vs C++Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-27[scudo] Allow to specify the maximum number of TSDs at compile timeKostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-25[scudo] Remove comment about security of the 32-bit allocatorKostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-23[scudo] Add a shared runtimeKostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-16[scudo] Do not include sanitizer_posix.h if not on a Posix platformKostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-13[scudo] Allow for non-Android Shared TSD platforms, part 2Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-10-12[scudo] Allow for non-Android Shared TSD platforms, part 1Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-26[scudo] Scudo thread specific data refactor, part 3Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-25[scudo] Scudo thread specific data refactor, part 2Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-22[scudo] Scudo thread specific data refactor, part 1Kostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-14[scudo] Fix bad request handling when allocator has not been initializedKostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-11[scudo] Fix improper TSD init after TLS destructors are calledKostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-06[scudo] getauxval alternative for AndroidKostya Kortchinsky
2017-08-28[sanitizer] Re-introduce kUseSeparateSizeClassForBatch for the 32-bit PrimaryKostya Kortchinsky
2017-08-16[scudo] Application & platform compatibility changesKostya Kortchinsky
2017-08-14[sanitizers] Add a blocking boolean to GetRandom prototypeKostya Kortchinsky
2017-07-25[scudo] Check for pvalloc overflowKostya Kortchinsky
2017-07-24[scudo] Quarantine overhaulKostya Kortchinsky
2017-07-18[Sanitizers] ASan/MSan/LSan allocators set errno on failure.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-07-14[Sanitizers] Scudo allocator set errno on failure.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-07-13[scudo] Do not grab a cache for secondary allocation & per related changesKostya Kortchinsky
2017-07-12[scudo] PRNG makeoverKostya Kortchinsky
2017-06-29MergeAlex Shlyapnikov
2017-06-29[scudo] Change aligned alloc functions to be more compliant & perf changesKostya Kortchinsky
2017-06-28[Sanitizers] Operator new() interceptors always die on allocation errorAlex Shlyapnikov
2017-06-20[Sanitizers] Move cached allocator_may_return_null flag to sanitizer_allocatorAlex Shlyapnikov
2017-05-26[scudo] Check the return values of the pthread_* functionsKostya Kortchinsky