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2015-10-01[compiler-rt] Apply modernize-use-nullptr fixes in sanitizersVedant Kumar
2014-12-03[msan] Change the way origin ids are built.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-10-27[Sanitizer] Return code that calculates hash for stacktrace back to StackDepo...Alexey Samsonov
2014-09-04[msan] Make origin tracking fork-safe.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-07-11[msan] A comment for the chained-origin-depot hash function.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-07-10[msan] Switch chained origins hash to murmur2.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-07-07[msan] Increase hash table size for chained origins.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-07-07[msan] Better hash function for chained origins.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-06-06[msan] Partial revert of r210331.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-06-06[msan] Better diagnostic for invalid origin id.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-05-21[msan] Chained origins re-design.Evgeniy Stepanov