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2017-01-12Revert "[sancov] moving sancov rt to sancov/ directory"Mike Aizatsky
2017-01-12[sancov] moving sancov rt to sancov/ directoryMike Aizatsky
2016-08-26[CMake] Connect Compiler-RT targets to LLVM Runtimes directoryChris Bieneman
2016-07-11[compiler-rt] Fix VisualStudio virtual folders layoutEtienne Bergeron
2016-03-05[cmake] Address Samsonov's post-commit review of r262723Filipe Cabecinhas
2016-02-23[CMake] Assign components and dependencies during add_compiler_rt_resource_fileChris Bieneman
2015-08-27[CMake] Add ARCHS option to add_sanitizer_rt_symbols.Chris Bieneman
2015-08-26[CMake] Converting add_sanitizer_rt_symbols to use cmake_parse_arguments.Chris Bieneman
2015-08-25[CMake] merge add_compiler_rt_runtime and add_compiler_rt_darwin_runtime into...Chris Bieneman
2015-04-28Allow UBSan+MSan and UBSan+TSan combinations (Clang part).Alexey Samsonov
2015-04-27Introduce tsan_cxx and msan_cxx libraries (compiler-rt part).Alexey Samsonov
2015-01-21[msan] Refactor shadow operations.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-11-19[MSan] [MIPS] Adding support for MIPS64 (patch by Mohit Bhakkad).Alexey Samsonov
2014-10-15[compiler-rt] compiler-rt's CMake append_if function clashes with LLVM's, let...Kuba Brecka
2014-05-21[msan] Chained origins re-design.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-05-09[CMake] Use ExternalProject to build MSan-ified version of libcxx for unit te...Alexey Samsonov
2014-04-04[msan] Introduce MsanThread. Move thread-local allocator cache out of TLS.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-03-31[CMake] Rename add_compiler_rt_static_runtime to add_compiler_rt_runtime.Alexey Samsonov
2014-03-13[CMake] Make append_if semantics similar to those used in LLVMAlexey Samsonov
2014-02-19[CMake] Introduce COMPILER_RT_INCLUDE_TESTS optionAlexey Samsonov
2014-02-18[CMake] Add top-level target for each compiler-rt library, and add 'compiler-...Alexey Samsonov
2014-02-18[CMake] Check for -fPIE and -ffreestanding flags for consistencyAlexey Samsonov
2014-02-18[CMake] Simplify setting compile flag disabling RTTIAlexey Samsonov
2014-02-14Move MSan lit-tests under test/msanAlexey Samsonov
2013-08-28Generate list of symbols exported from sanitizer runtimes only on 64-bit UnixAlexey Samsonov
2013-08-27Properly generate lists of exported symbols for sanitizer runtimesAlexey Samsonov
2013-06-10[MSan] don't add msan unit tests to check-msan command if libcxx is not check...Alexey Samsonov
2013-05-21[MSan] Add empty default blacklist for MSanAlexey Samsonov
2013-05-17[nolibc] Begin moving sanitizer_common's libc-dependent code to a separate li...Peter Collingbourne
2013-03-23Build and install .syms files alongside sanitizer runtimes. These are used toRichard Smith
2013-03-13[Sanitizer] Build ASan, TSan and MSan runtimes with -fno-rtti.Alexey Samsonov
2013-02-19[sanitizer] Add interceptors for localtime and friends.Evgeniy Stepanov
2013-02-11[msan] Lit tests for MemorySanitizer.Evgeniy Stepanov
2013-01-20CMake: use add_compiler_rt_static_runtime to build TSan and MSan runtimes. No...Alexey Samsonov
2013-01-18CMake variables renaming: X86_64->x86_64 I386->i386Alexey Samsonov
2012-12-26[msan] Refactor report printing.Evgeniy Stepanov
2012-12-25MemorySanitizer unit tests.Evgeniy Stepanov
2012-12-11[msan] MemorySanitizer runtime.Evgeniy Stepanov