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2018-07-15[CMake] Change the flag to use compiler-rt builtins to booleanPetr Hosek
2018-07-10[CMake] Add compiler-rt header files to the list of sources for targetsDan Liew
2018-07-03[scudo] Enable Scudo on PPC64Kostya Kortchinsky
2018-06-28Skip building TSan on platforms where there are no 64-bit architectures.Kuba Mracek
2018-06-28Support for multiarch runtimes layoutPetr Hosek
2018-06-27[CMake] Tidy up the organisation of compiler-rt when configured as a standaloneDan Liew
2018-06-25[UBsan] Enable ubsan minimal unit tests on OpenBSDDavid Carlier
2018-06-17Revert "[CMake] Use a different source depending on C++ support"Jonas Hahnfeld
2018-06-14[libFuzzer] [NFC] Support multi-arch and multi-OS building and testingGeorge Karpenkov
2018-06-13[compiler-rt] Use CMAKE_LINKER instead of hardcoding ldShoaib Meenai
2018-06-13[XRay] Set an explicit dependency on libc++ when neededPetr Hosek
2018-06-13Reland "Passthrough additional flags to custom libcxx CMake build"Petr Hosek
2018-06-12Revert r334458, r334220, r334212, r334139.Matt Morehouse
2018-06-12[CMake] Remove -Wno-maybe-uninitialized from passthrough vars.Matt Morehouse
2018-06-07[CMake] Fix Libc++ Modules build.Eric Fiselier
2018-06-07[CMake] Filter out -z,defs when building custom libc++Petr Hosek
2018-06-06[CMake] Passthrough additional flags to custom libcxx CMake buildPetr Hosek
2018-05-24[libFuzzer] Fix a typo in CMake configuration.George Karpenkov
2018-05-24Revert "[cmake] [ARM] Check if VFP is supported before including any VFP buil...Azharuddin Mohammed
2018-05-24[cmake] [ARM] Check if VFP is supported before including any VFP builtinsAzharuddin Mohammed
2018-05-22[CMake] Support builtins as Clang default rtlib in compiler-rtPetr Hosek
2018-05-22[CMake] Support libc++ as Clang default stdlib in compiler-rtPetr Hosek
2018-05-22[CMake] Silence unused variable warning in compiler checkPetr Hosek
2018-05-22[CMake] Use a different source depending on C++ supportPetr Hosek
2018-05-21Revert "[CMake] Reland "Make simple source used for CMake checks a C file""Petr Hosek
2018-05-18Revert r332683 & r332684 relating to compiler runtime checksReid Kleckner
2018-05-18[CMake] Use <UNIX|WINDOWS>_COMMAND with separate_argumentsPetr Hosek
2018-05-18[CMake] Detect the compiler runtime and standard libraryPetr Hosek
2018-05-17[CMake] Reland "Make simple source used for CMake checks a C file"Petr Hosek
2018-05-17[CMake] Cleanup find_compiler_rt_library function [NFC]Petr Hosek
2018-05-09Add basic compiler-rt builtins support for hexagon.Sid Manning
2018-04-27Revert "[CMake] Make simple source used for CMake checks a C file"Petr Hosek
2018-04-26[CMake] Make simple source used for CMake checks a C filePetr Hosek
2018-04-11Revert "[cmake] Remove duplicate command line options from build"Aaron Smith
2018-04-11[cmake] Remove duplicate command line options from buildAaron Smith
2018-04-09libFuzzer, OpenBSD supportVitaly Buka
2018-04-09shadowcallstack: Make runtime tests compatible with aarch64.Peter Collingbourne
2018-04-04[XRay][compiler-rt] Build XRay runtime for OpenBSDDean Michael Berris
2018-03-23[HWASan] Port HWASan to Linux x86-64 (compiler-rt)Alex Shlyapnikov
2018-03-07[Fuzzer] Avoid the unnecessary rebuild of the custom libc++Petr Hosek
2018-03-03OpenBSD UBsan support, cmake partKamil Rytarowski
2018-03-03Adding Msan support to FreeBSDKamil Rytarowski
2018-03-01[PATCH] [compiler-rt, RISCV] Support builtins for RISC-VShiva Chen
2018-02-16Add initial XRay support for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2018-02-15Add Xray instrumentation support to FreeBSDKamil Rytarowski
2018-01-30[fuzzer] Update and enable libFuzzer on FuchsiaPetr Hosek
2018-01-29[scudo] Add support for Fuchsia OS.Kostya Kortchinsky
2018-01-29Revert: [compiler-rt] r323626 - [cmake] [compiler-rt] Remove duplicate CMAKE_...Don Hinton
2018-01-29[cmake] [compiler-rt] Remove duplicate CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS.Don Hinton
2018-01-27[cmake] [compiler-rt] Call llvm_setup_rpath() when adding shared libraries.Don Hinton