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2014-12-05[DFSAN][MIPS] adding support of DFSAN for MIPS64Peter Collingbourne
2014-12-04CMake: build DLLs in the right directory and include them in the 'install' ta...Hans Wennborg
2014-11-19[MSan] [MIPS] Adding support for MIPS64 (patch by Mohit Bhakkad).Alexey Samsonov
2014-11-13[CMake] Detect if -Wfoo is supported instead of -Wno-foo, as GCC occasionally...Alexey Samsonov
2014-11-13InstrProf: support PowerPC64Jay Foad
2014-11-12[asan] [mips] added support of asan for mips64/mips64el, patch by Kumar SukhaniKostya Serebryany
2014-11-05When run on a ppc64le based platform, the check-sanitizer build looks forWill Schmidt
2014-10-29Reverting r220517; it seems this broke check-asan.Aaron Ballman
2014-10-27[Tsan] Enable thread sanitizer tests on FreeBSDViktor Kutuzov
2014-10-23Cmake variables are global, which is why we would get crud like /machine:X86 ...Aaron Ballman
2014-10-23Do not set linker flags for MSVC; they are not the same thing as compiler fla...Aaron Ballman
2014-10-23Disabling some MSVC warnings that are of questionable value. Note, these are ...Aaron Ballman
2014-10-15[compiler-rt] compiler-rt's CMake append_if function clashes with LLVM's, let...Kuba Brecka
2014-10-15[CMake] Cleanup CMake rules after r219302. NFC.Alexey Samsonov
2014-10-15[UBSan] [MIPS] Adding support of UBSan for mipsel arch Alexey Samsonov
2014-10-10[asan][mips] Adding support of asan for mipsel archPetar Jovanovic
2014-10-08Separating ARM/AArch64 Compiler-RT testsRenato Golin
2014-10-02[Compiler-rt][MIPS][Profile] Adding support for MIPS32/64Daniel Sanders
2014-10-01[sanitizer] Add i686 arch to compiler-rt.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-09-29[sanitizer] Android build cleanup.Evgeniy Stepanov
2014-09-26[UBSan] Adding support of MIPS32Petar Jovanovic
2014-09-25Fix a mistake in r217762Ehsan Akhgari
2014-09-25Follow-up for r217523: fix the dependencies for standalone compiler-rt build.Alexander Potapenko
2014-09-15Port the variadic std::tr1::tuple hack for building gtest for MSVC2012 to ASA...Ehsan Akhgari
2014-09-10Make compiler-rt tests work with relocatable SDKs on OS XKuba Brecka
2014-08-26[ASan/Win] Disable warning C4391: incorrect return type for intrinsic functionTimur Iskhodzhanov
2014-08-22[ASan] Use check_library_exists to determine if libc/libstdc++ are availableTimur Iskhodzhanov
2014-08-20Fix latent bug in try_compile macro and use CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGSAlexey Samsonov
2014-08-11Fix build on some architectures caused by r215247.Alexey Samsonov
2014-08-08[CMake] Determine which compiler-rt libraries are supported onAlexey Samsonov
2014-05-30[Sanitizers Win] Move duplicate Windows-specific compiler flags to a common C...Timur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-28[ASan/Win] Use clang rather than clang-cl by default for lit tests. Make Wind...Timur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-19[Sanitizer tests] Don't need to use -lstdc++ thanks to --driver-mode=g++Timur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-15Exclude MSVC to try to unbreak their builds. We have a bad skew betweenChandler Carruth
2014-05-15Teach the compiler-rt custom compilation and linking CMake rules usedChandler Carruth
2014-05-13[Sanitizer/ASan tests] Automatically detect the presence of libstdc++Timur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-13[ASan tests] Add Windows-specific flags to lib/asan/tests/CMakeLists.txtTimur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-12[CMake] Log output of configure/build/install steps for instrumented libcxx t...Alexey Samsonov
2014-05-12[ASan tests] Use clang-cl to build tests on WindowsTimur Iskhodzhanov
2014-05-09[CMake] Use ExternalProject to build MSan-ified version of libcxx for unit te...Alexey Samsonov
2014-04-01[ASan] Optional support for dynamic ASan runtime on Linux.Alexey Samsonov
2014-03-31[CMake] Rename add_compiler_rt_static_runtime to add_compiler_rt_runtime.Alexey Samsonov
2014-03-24[CMake] Rename the variableAlexey Samsonov
2014-03-24[CMake] Respect CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in custom clang_compile commandsAlexey Samsonov
2014-03-21fixed in standalone buildGreg Fitzgerald
2014-03-18[CMake] Build compiler-rt libraries with -std=c++11Alexey Samsonov
2014-03-13[CMake] Use /W3 instead of -Wall on Windows. Remove add_definitions abuse.Alexey Samsonov
2014-03-13[CMake] Make append_if semantics similar to those used in LLVMAlexey Samsonov
2014-03-06[CMake] Build compiler-rt libraries with -WallAlexey Samsonov
2014-03-04[CMake] Test for libdl and libpthread presenceAlexey Samsonov