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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-10Build Darwin libclang_rt libraries against real SDKs.Bob Wilson
2014-10-08AArch64: add support for ARM64 iOS versions of compiler-rt.Tim Northover
2014-05-15Fix typosAlp Toker
2014-03-17Reapply "PGO: Statically generate data structures"Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
2014-01-07SDKs: Add inttypes.h to the darwin SDK stubJustin Bogner
2013-06-27Declare 'strerror' so that we can use it with errno.Bill Wendling
2013-06-27Add 'errno.h' to the Darwin SDK.Bill Wendling
2013-05-23Performance improvement.Bill Wendling
2013-05-15Try to improve performance by using a read/write buffer instead of I/O.Bill Wendling
2013-05-03I was wrong in my testing.Bill Wendling
2013-05-03Use unbuffered I/O. This reduces the runtime by about half. Our implementatio...Bill Wendling
2013-03-20Add declaration for linux.Bill Wendling
2013-03-20Create a coverage initialization function.Bill Wendling
2012-11-13Support for building the ubsan runtime when using the autoconf build system onRichard Smith
2012-09-17Update linux stdio.h to support the recent additions to GCDAProfiling.Benjamin Kramer
2012-09-14Add support for reading the GCDA file and merging the arc information.Bill Wendling
2012-05-29Fix atoi stub for linux introduced in r157573. This fixes compiler-rt build o...Alexey Samsonov
2012-05-28Add stub for 'atoi'.Bill Wendling
2012-03-30Fix the build on 32 bit hosts.Benjamin Kramer
2011-12-08SDK/linux: Fix braindead pasto, caught by Matt Beaumont-Gay.Daniel Dunbar
2011-12-08SDKs: Sketch an initial stub SDK for Linux, I believe this suffices for buildingDaniel Dunbar
2011-11-16build/SDKs: Sketch a minimal stub SDK for Darwin.Daniel Dunbar