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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-05Revert r196490 and fix include paths in makefile-based buildAlexey Samsonov
2013-03-29[libsanitizer] Put COMMON_CFLAGS/COMMON_CXXFLAGS before Tmp.CFLAGS to let the...Alexander Potapenko
2012-10-24Build ASan runtime for ARM/Android.Evgeniy Stepanov
2012-10-17build/make: There is no need to put timestamps into .dir files, and it justDaniel Dunbar
2012-09-07build: Add support for building dylibs.Daniel Dunbar
2011-12-13build compiler-rt with -fPIC, otherwise the run-time libs will not link with ...Kostya Serebryany
2011-12-06build all C++ files in compiler-rt with -fno-exceptionsKostya Serebryany
2011-12-01build/make: Add rule for .cc files.Daniel Dunbar
2011-11-16lib: Add support for library wide utility functions, and make compilerrt_abort()Daniel Dunbar
2010-03-31Add new build option KERNEL_USE, which compiles with -mkernel and gets propog...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-19Allow UniversalArchs variable to be overridden on a per-config basis.Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Add a VISIBILITY_HIDDEN option, which can be used to make all compiler-rt fun...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Add support for "platform" configurations, which define a suite of compiler-rtDaniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Remove old build logic, this is going to be replaced by a more configurable m...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Rename subdir 'Target' variable to 'Implementation' to be less overloaded.Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Add 'SelectFunctionDir' function, to select appropriate function implementati...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Change subdir traversal to primarily cache information about what is availabl...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Simplify subdirectory makefiles, and be more robust by checking that they def...Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-18Add basic make {help,help-hidden} targets.Daniel Dunbar
2010-01-13Tidy up comments, remove whitespace, and rename 'print-%' make debugging targetDaniel Dunbar
2009-09-10Unbreak building of assembly files (broken by my .s -> .S rename).Daniel Dunbar
2009-09-10Include universal build step in 'make {Debug,Release,Profile}' targets.Daniel Dunbar
2009-09-03Support building for a single target architecture.Daniel Dunbar
2009-06-26Initial import of compiler-rt.Daniel Dunbar