AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-30[asan] Fix typoFangrui Song
2018-07-28Fix Asan-i386-calls-Test AddressSanitizer.ShadowGapTest on FreeBSDFangrui Song
2018-07-26[test] Use printf instead of C++ iostream, NFC.Jonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-26[tsan] Fix gcc pedantic warningDmitry Vyukov
2018-07-26[sanitizer] Include signal.h instead of sys/signal.hFangrui Song
2018-07-25[libFuzzer] Disable handle-unstable.test for ARM and delete duplicated test f...Max Moroz
2018-07-25[XRay tests] Don't filter test-critical callsJeremy Morse
2018-07-25[Asan][Msan] Unit tests Disable some tests for FreeBSDDavid Carlier
2018-07-25[profile] Support profiling runtime on FuchsiaPetr Hosek
2018-07-24[sanitizer] Update symbolizer test.Matt Morehouse
2018-07-24[libFuzzer] Handle unstable edges by disregarding unstable edgesMax Moroz
2018-07-24[tsan] Fix crash in objc_sync_enter/objc_sync_exit when using an Obj-C tagged...Kuba Mracek
2018-07-24[profile] Fix finding the first and last directory separators on Windows.Igor Kudrin
2018-07-24[profile] Fix a possible memory leak in parseFilenamePattern().Igor Kudrin
2018-07-24[sanitizer][fuzzer] Temporarily transition to ZX_TIME_INFINITE_OLDPetr Hosek
2018-07-24[sanitizer] Transition from _zx_vmar_... to _zx_vmar_..._old callsPetr Hosek
2018-07-24Revert "[Fuzzer] Update path to libc++ headers"Petr Hosek
2018-07-23[Fuzzer] Update path to libc++ headersPetr Hosek
2018-07-23Reapply "[XRay] Remove scheduling dependency in"Matthew Voss
2018-07-23Landed XRay patch (D49559) in incorrect directory. Reverting changes. Henry Zhu
2018-07-23[XRay] Remove scheduling dependency in fork_basic_logging.ccHenry Zhu
2018-07-23[libFuzzer] Handle unstable edges by using minimum hit countsMax Moroz
2018-07-20Change the cap on the amount of padding for each vtable to 32-byte (previousl...Peter Collingbourne
2018-07-20Mark REAL(swapcontext) with indirect_return attribute on x86H.J. Lu
2018-07-20On Darwin switch from the `VM_MEMORY_ANALYSIS_TOOL` VM tag toDan Liew
2018-07-20[scudo] Simplify internal names (NFC)Kostya Kortchinsky
2018-07-20esan: fix shadow setupDmitry Vyukov
2018-07-20[Xray] fix c99 warning build about flexible array semanticsDavid Carlier
2018-07-20sanitizers: consistently check result of MmapFixedNoReserveDmitry Vyukov
2018-07-20[libFuzzer] Use separate test directory for each configJoel E. Denny
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] when -print_coverage=1 is given, print more stats (the number of ...Kostya Serebryany
2018-07-19[profile] Fix typo in testTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[profile] Add interface to get profile filenameTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[compiler-rt] Only set lto_flags if lto_supportedTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[compiler-rt] Add NewPM testing to CFI testsTeresa Johnson
2018-07-19[XRay][compiler-rt] Profiling: No files when emptyDean Michael Berris
2018-07-19[XRay][compiler-rt] FDR Mode: Add extents metadata to bufferDean Michael Berris
2018-07-19[Xray] Fix allocator build, MAP_NORESERVE flag is not always supportedDavid Carlier
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] fix the bot (the no-assert build)Kostya Serebryany
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] quick hack to fix the botKostya Serebryany
2018-07-19[libFuzzer] first experimental attempt at DFT-based mutations (DFT=data-flow-...Kostya Serebryany
2018-07-19Remove scheduling dependency from XRay :: Posix/fork_basic_logging.ccMatthew Voss
2018-07-18Rename __asan_gen_* symbols to ___asan_gen_*.Peter Collingbourne
2018-07-18[Fuzzer] Improve crash unwinding on FuchsiaPetr Hosek
2018-07-18[libFuzzer] Create single template for visiting Inline8bitCountersMax Moroz
2018-07-18[XRay][compiler-rt] Segmented Array: Simplify and OptimiseDean Michael Berris
2018-07-18[XRay][compiler-rt] Simplify Allocator ImplementationDean Michael Berris
2018-07-18[XRay][compiler-rt] FDR Mode: Allow multiple runsDean Michael Berris
2018-07-17[libFuzzer] Mutation tracking and logging implemented.Max Moroz
2018-07-17[builtins] Implement the __chkstk function for ARM for MinGWMartin Storsjo